Vook electric trike is kid-style fun with adult-sized tech and range

Vook electric trike

Introducing the Vook E-Trike—a captivating convergence of classic and modern. This innovative electric tricycle caters to adults, featuring a substantial range of up to 110 miles using a 50-amp-hour battery, or 80 miles with the 30-amp-hour variant. Propelled by robust rear hub motors, it achieves speeds of 40 mph, offering selectable modes like Safe, Eco, Sport, and Boost, conveniently managed via a dedicated app. Constructed from durable 6160 aluminum, the frame is available in an array of captivating colors and supports a plush fiberglass seat. The E-Trike’s puncture-proof tires, including a regen braking system, enhance safety.


The E-Trike is thoughtfully designed, concealing practicality within its aesthetics. Equipped with an LCD screen, keyless operation, reverse gear, LED lighting, cameras, GPS, and motion sensors, it blends modern conveniences with a nostalgic silhouette. Moreover, it accommodates diverse needs by presenting varying trim options. The Lite model offers an 80-mile range, while the 30-Ah and top-tier 50-Ah models provide greater power and features.


Currently, the Vook E-Trike is engaging enthusiasts through an Indiegogo campaign, having nearly doubled its funding goal with 24 days remaining. Its price points cater to early-bird adopters, with the Lite version starting at $1,500 and escalating to $2,700. The standard 30-Ah model begins at $2,300, rising to $3,558, while the high-end 50-Ah variant is initially priced at $2,500, later reaching $3,858. Assuming a successful campaign, deliveries are slated to commence in December, offering a harmonious blend of style, functionality, and excitement to eager riders.

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