Sony’s Gran Turismo AI racer can drift now, making it even more unbeatable

Gran Turismo AI racer

The world’s best Gran Turismo 7 gamers tried and failed horribly to overcome Sony’s AI racer, GT Sophy. To add salt to the wounds, the bot has now added drifting to its move set, as seen in a video from the Gran Turismo World Series 2023 event. The footage plainly shows an AI-controlled vehicle maniacally drifting around the circuit. 


GT Sophy is the result of more than six years of work between Sony AI and Sony Interactive Entertainment, and it employs deep reinforcement learning methodologies. These strategies have taught the artificial intelligence program how to control the digital race car within the constraints of the game’s structure. Sophy was a master of numerous racing techniques when it was originally presented, including slipstreaming, passing, and blocking, yet drifting is a new move for the bot.


Sony says GT Sophy is here to stay, and that the firm is working hard to make the AI a “permanent part of the game.” To that aim, Sony let ordinary Gran Turismo 7 gamers compete against GT Sophy for a limited time last year, so perhaps that promotion will return.


Now that algorithms can accomplish this feat, don’t expect to outrun any bad robots when the AI apocalypse begins. To get on Alexa’s good side, you should probably just hide or shower her with compliments.

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