Westfalia returning to the U.S. after nearly 20-year hiatus

Westfalia's U.S. comeback

After a nearly twenty-year absence, Westfalia will re-enter the American market in 2024 with a line of campers based on Volkswagen vans and featuring pop-up roofs. But it won’t base its forthcoming range of recreational vehicles on a Volkswagen design.


The iconic brand, which is owned by the French business Groupe Rapido, announced its comeback by posting a brief message and a sneak peek image on its recently launched American website. 


When sales begin in 2024, what you see on Westfalia’s European website might not be exactly what you get. Motorhomes destined for the North American market will be produced in Ontario, Canada, according to information obtainedgot by trade publication RV Business, thus there may be some equipment variations depending on the destination country. Westfalia will showcase its selection of campers at a trade show in Indiana in September and sell its variety of campers through a dealer network it has not yet formed.


According to Westfalia North America’s chief of sales, Len McDougall, the primary feature that travellers adore about classic campers will once more be accessible. He added that the company’s RVs “feature sleeping availability in the front, rear, and upper pop-top area of the van.”


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