Alpha Motor Corporation shows off a running Wolf pickup prototype

Alpha Motor Corporation

Alpha Motor Corporation has unveiled a running prototype of its highly expected Wolf electric pickup truck, as shown in a recent video release. The company had previously expressed its intention to have a working prototype ready this year, and it seems they’ve delivered on their promise. The video, albeit preceded by an awkward scene, showcases the truck in motion and reaffirms its attractive design.

The running test truck was developed in collaboration with the Michigan-based prototyping company UHI Group, which has experience working on Canoo vehicles. While this progress is promising, Alpha has been tight-lipped about production details and the truck’s specifications.

Close examination of the footage reveals a traditional body-on-frame chassis with independent front suspension and leaf-spring rear end. The rear motor and transmission appear to be mounted on a solid rear axle, with a protective shield around the motor gear, possibly a version of Magna’s eBeam solid axle powertrain.

While the running prototype appears to be a rear-drive example, the absence of driveshafts to the front wheels leaves room for speculation. The company aims to price the vehicle between $36,000 and $46,000 depending on the chosen configuration. Though optimism remains cautious, the progress signals a step towards realizing Alpha’s exciting electric pickup truck.

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