Nissan extended Frontier generation to accommodate EV production

 Nissan Frontier generation



Nissan unveiled a new Frontier pickup truck for the 2022 model year, but automotive product development timeframes often extend years, implying that the carmaker is already planning for the next-generation truck. However, according to a recent Automotive News story, Nissan is rescheduling its plans to create a place for EV production, which could impact the next-generation Frontier.


Nissan intends to extend the current-generation truck by two years at its Canton, Mississippi, production, according to an internal memo seen by the magazine. That means the truck will be manufactured until 2029, which is significantly less than the 17 years it took Nissan to update it previously, but still a long period in automotive terms.


Though the document did not specify why Nissan adjusted, a supplier told Automotive News that it is to enable the facility’s transition to EV production. According to the source, Nissan does not want to introduce a large product while concurrently managing an increase in EV manufacturing.


This move may push Nissan to electrify the truck, which may help them reclaim a market share, but hurdles lie ahead. According to Sam Fiorani, VP at AutoForecast Solutions, the carmaker must provide new products to dealers rapidly while preserving quality.


Infiniti will launch two electric sedans in 2026, and Nissan will launch a new electric SUV in 2027. If Nissan electrified the Frontier, it would have to be a lot cheaper than other electric trucks, with analysts pointing to a $40,000 starting point as a good starting point.

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