New Cube Controls x Mercedes-AMG GT Edition Steering Wheel

Cube Controls GT Wheel


Hardware has dominated recent days, and it will continue to do so in this situation. Today, we have a partnership between Cube Controls and Mercedes-AMG, which has a new steering wheel for your simulator, which is distinct from what we reported about Thrustmaster a few days ago.


The new Cube Controls – Mercedes-AMG GT Edition promises to immerse you in an unprecedented driving experience, bringing the Mercedes-AMG GT Track Series and GT2 right to your simulator. The ergonomics of this wheel, created for experienced drivers, ensure comfortable control throughout the most strenuous sessions, with the same gearshift paddles used in high-end GT vehicles.


This wheel is offered on the official Cube Controls website, ready for shipping in a few days, priced at €705. Despite the fact that domestically produced goods of very high quality are available at a considerably cheaper price point at this inflated price point, this wheel is available.

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