Google Maps can now tell exactly where solar panels should be installed

Google Maps revolutionizes solar panel

Now, Google Maps can analyze air quality, predict pollen counts, and determine the solar potential of rooftops as the platform introduces new services for its users.


Yes, the platform has introduced several services, where you can find Solar API, which analyses weather patterns and gathers information from aerial photographs to evaluate the solar potential of rooftops. The tool’s aim is to fasten the deployment of solar panels, which increases accuracy and decreases the number of site visits required.


As seasonal allergies worsen each year, Pollen API uses a combination of machine learning and wind patterns to update data on the most common allergens in 65 countries.


Similar to this, another tool of Google Maps, Air Quality API, integrates data from several sources, including satellites, live traffic, government monitoring stations, live traffic, satellites, and more, to deliver accurate information on regional air quality. It can identify wildfire-affected areas.

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