Apple’s Upcoming Mixed Reality Headset will Run on ‘xrOS’ Platform


Apple’s mixed reality handset project is expected to be unveiled this spring. According to Bloomberg, Apple has decided on a name for the operating system that will power the product: xrOS.

The people, who asked not to be named because the project is still secret, claimed that the company recently changed the operating system’s name from reality to xrOS, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman reports.

The XR in xrOS, according to Gurman, stands for extended reality. That is in line with Apple’s overall platform strategy. To begin, Apple is expected to release a pricey virtual reality headset with premium hardware. With the Meta Quest Pro, Meta now has its own higher-end headset.

When the technology is ready, future mixed reality products are expected to include augmented reality glasses and possibly contact lenses. Gurman also mentions that engineers from Pages, Keynote, Numbers, Notes, and Apple News are working on the project. This implies that Apple is bringing in core app teams to finish the headset experience before it launches.

The xrOS name is being trademarked around the world by a shell company called Deep Dive LLC, according to the report. The shell company is linked to another shell company, but Apple is most likely behind it. Finally, despite the xrOS label being used internally, Gurman reminds everyone that the final platform name could still be realityOS or another name.

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