How to Choose the Best Aggressive Inline Skates

best aggressive inline skate

Finding the best inline skates might not be an easy task for most for us. Worry not because you are not the right track. This article will give you detailed information on everything you need to understand about aggressive inline skates. Additionally, you will be able to understand the types of inline skating you will need to suit your specific needs.

According to the name, these skates are made differently, such as being sturdy and rugged. They are also designed to enhance shocks, falls, and jumps during skating. Additionally, these types of skates might have a different wheel configuration. Here are some of the things to consider to choose the best aggressive inline skates.


 You must check the wheels and ensure that they are made of polyurethane. This type of aggressive inline skates is good at balancing the hardness and the grip. For aggressive skating, check out and ensure that the models are thick and are made out of durable wheels. The wheels should have a size of 50mm to 60 mm, or sometimes 72mm can do better.

Moreover, it is good to make sure that the hardness of the rollerblade is rated in a durometer. Since these skates are commonly used, the durometer should have a rating of 88A to 92 A to withstand long hours of skating.


It is always good to make sure you check the frame as in aggressive inline skating, and the frame is what you grind on. The frame typically refers to the chassis of the frame. It is usually bolted on the bottom of the skate and holds the wheels. You should check out and ensure that the frame has been configured with four wheels with an equal diameter, which helps to touch down during skating.

Anti-rocker wheels

It is an essential part of aggressive skates. You should check out for anti-rocker wheels. These wheels replace the two inner wheels on each skate. The anti-rocker wheels are usually small, with a diameter of 35mm and 47mm. These wheels do not roll when you grind, but they offer support to the grinding wheels.

In most cases, your weight is always distributed on the front and back only. This means that when you are skating, you will experience less rocking on uneven surfaces. When grinding, the anti-rocker wheels will give you a greater area to approach obstacles. This also helps you to avoid getting stuck on ledges, and you can grind easily on things with a larger diameter.


When we talk about the boot, we refer to the outer casing that takes a lot of wearing when it comes to grinding. Check out the material that is durable and can protect your foot and provide stability during skating. If you are a beginner, I would recommend you start by wearing stiffer boots since they offer a more secure feel.

Softshell boots are also good because they will offer support, but the material can stretch, thus not recommended for beginners. If you wear extra flexibility boots, you will have more control and enhance grinding. However, you should be cautious of jumps and landing that will feel harder on your ankles. If you are planning on skating for a longer time, try out the harder shell.


When it comes to bearings, it might be a bit harder to understand what it means. Bearings are rated on a scale of ABEC. A higher rating means that there is a smoother and efficient bearing. The ABEC rating is 1,3,5,7, and 9. For the aggressive inline skates, ABEC 5 is the most common one. This is a good balance between durability and performance.


The liner is the inside part of the skate that holds your foot. Consider having a skater shoe that has a liner that is padded. This will make you feel more secure and fix your ankle in place during skating. Always check that the skater has a good line as it helps to absorb shock during aggressive inline skating. Most manufacturers achieve this by making sure that the liner material being used is padded and use of soft materials that will take of energy from rough surfaces.

Make sure that the aggressive inline skates you choose are perfect. Remember to stay safe and enjoy your skating activities.

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