Top 10 Best Lawn Sweepers 2020 – Guide and Reviews

Best Lawn Sweepers

A perfectly cleaned and maintained garden creates an attractive nature to your compound. However, it requires special tools to keep in clean and eye-catching.

But you haven’t to worry anymore as we have provided the best lawn sweepers.  A lawn sweeper is a helpful weapon that assists in the removal of debris like fallen leaves, grass twigs and so on. 

This is high quality and durable lawn sweeper that works perfectly to save your time. It helps in reducing the maintenance cost of your garden.

Thinking too much about the type of machine you can get should not be the situation right now. We have the best lawn sweepers that are affordable.  The buying guide has all that it partakes to ensure you get the right machine.

Best lawn sweeper – guide and review

We have perused all the modern lawn sweepers in the market to ensure we provide the best machine. All the discussed lawn sweepers are ideal for garden use and are easy to handle. The review has provided a clear difference between the best top ten lawn sweepers.

Best lawn sweeper – guide and review

Pick Number 1
Pick Number 1 AGRI-FAB 45-0492 LAWN SWEEPER Capable of cleaning most of the lawn debris Check Price
Pick Number 2
Pick Number 2 BRINLY STS 4227 LCH 20 Continuous cleaning at a high rate Check Price
Pick Number 3
Pick Number 3 SUN JOE ELECTRONIC SCARIFLER PLUS Equipped with an air boost technology Check Price
Pick Number 4
Pick Number 4 AGRI FAB 45-021826 INCH PUSH Easy to use this ideal for beginners Check Price
Pick Number 5
Pick Number 5 OHIO STEEL 50SWP26 PRO SWEEPER It is easy to maintain the lawn sweeper Check Price
Pick Number 6
Pick Number 6 AGRI FAB 45-0320 42 INCH TOW Foldable hopper bag makes it easy to store Check Price
Pick Number 7
Pick Number 7 GREENWORKS 18 INCH 12AMP Requires less maintenance Check Price
Pick Number 8
Pick Number 8 EARTHWISE LSW70021 21INCH Can pick most of the debris it comes across Check Price
Pick Number 9
Pick Number 9 YARD COMMANDER 42″ TOW BEHIND The broad sweep helps in saving time Check Price
Pick Number 10
Pick Number 10 AMERICAN LAWN MOWER Equipped with a quality disposal bag Check Price



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Agri lawn speaker is one of the great high quality best lawn sweepers available in the current market. It comes with semi-pneumatic a tire that ensures the movement of the machine is smooth and effective.

The tires make transport easy and effortless. Agri-fab features four brushes to provide maximum cleaning through the debris. It collects all the debris into an extra-large hopper bag.

The bag is almost equal to at least two bin baggers that you typically use. Agri machine features a unique and stylish design enabling sweeping and cutting at the same time. The tow lawn sweeper comes equipped with a handle, therefore, no need to dismount while dumping.

It shrinks approximately to 30% of its original size hence easy storage. On top of that, the device has an easy attachable universal hitch.


  • Easy to handle and store due to its compatible nature
  • Emptying the debris is quick and easy using the steel lever
  • Designed with sturdy and heavy construction for durability
  • Capable of cleaning most of the lawn debris
  • The hitch can be attached to different types of tractors


  • Its instruction provided is difficult to follow
  • The holes require further drilling



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Brinly sweeper it’s a stylish and elegantly designed lawn sweeper. It’s among the best lawn sweeper for leaver you can intend to purchase.

Brinly is an excellent town behind lawn sweeper which is essential for commercial and home cleaning. It can clean and collect debris, grass clipping, leaves, and dry grass. Pull rope couples with high quality and ergonomically designed handle allows easy emptying of the bag. With this modern machine, no need to detach the sweeper from the tractor.

 Brinly lawn sweeper features up to six brushes that work at a high velocity for optimum performance. The brushes provide continues rotation of the brush to pick all the debris despite the tractor position.

For easy storage, the sweeper is easily collapsible to an upright position. The machine features great specification which is not common to most of the ordinary lawn sweepers.


  • Continuous cleaning at a high rate
  • Secure storage due to its collapsible nature
  • Provides high efficiency with the suitable ground to brush ratio
  • Easy to use the machine
  • Capable of cleaning all types of debris, grass, and other similar materials


  • Its construction is not as durable as expected
  • Features huge material craft




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The machine is powered by motor thus you are guaranteed a powerful machine. Unlike most of the sweepers in the market, the sun Joe features a 12 amp motor.

Its motor has a sturdy construction for durability. Detachable collecting bag makes emptying easy and quick.  The machine comes in green color and it’s so fun to work with.

Sun Joe is extremely easy to operate thus ideal for beginners and professionals. For thatch pick up, the fantastic device features an air boost technology. Sun Joe electronic lawn sweeper comes with spring steel tines designed with superior material and stays sharp for a long period.

Sun Joe works faster and sweeps all debris, grass and leaves with efficiency. The modern technology used in the manufacturing of the machine, sun Joe sweeper is environmentally friendly.

It starts instantly and cleans materials without emitting poisonous gas that may pollute the atmosphere.


  • Designed with sturdy and durable parts for long-lasting
  • Features wide sweeps for effective debris cleaning
  • Equipped with an air boost technology
  • It features a detachable collecting bag
  • Steel strip tines provide effective thatch pick up


  • Sun sweeper has a huge design
  • The machine is a bit heavy



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Like other Agri Fab products sweepers, Agri Fab 45-021826 is the best push lawn sweeper that is affordable.  When purchasing this product, be sure you are guaranteed of getting a 100% quality sweeper.

Agri Fab push lawn sweeper is well known for fulfilling customer’s expectations accordingly. It’s a 42-inch machine that comes equipped with two premium semi-pneumatic tires.

The specious tires enable them to traverse through steep and transfer smoothly on the ground. Agri-fab cleaner is suitable for all weather conditions including falls and summer seasons.

The hopper bag is large enough thus no need for frequent emptying. Also, the quality collector bag is collapsible for easy storage. Agri fab features adjustable height setting. Its great model makes it suitable for all kinds of tractors. 

The lever is present to ensure easy emptying of the hopper bag without detaching from the tractor. For maximum performance, the device has four brushes with a universal hitch.


  • Easy to use this ideal for beginners
  • Suitable for picking all types of debris, grass, and leaves
  • Features a collapsible bag for easy storage
  • Designed with a universally attachable hitch
  • Agri-Fab is less expensive than its competitors


  • It’s not much durable
  • Difficult to install and assemble its parts



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Ohio is a world-class company that provides quality garden equipment. Ohio steel is the best lawn sweeper for pine needle and it’s affordable.

The machine is easy to maintain as compared to ordinary models. The intellectual reason for Ohio is to create a simple and quality lawn cleaner. The sweeper is ideal for beginners and professionals.

Ohio steel cleaner is easy to assemble as no complicated tools are necessary for installation. The stainless steel construction enhances its durability.

It’s a 42inch lawn sweeper that is excellent for large lawns. Instead of cleaning manually, just get this simple and compact designed machine that collects debris, grass and leaves effectively. The sturdy handle provides comfort while cleaning.


  • It is easy to maintain the lawn sweeper
  • Easy to use as compared to similar models
  • Features a sturdy stainless steel construction free from rust
  • Wide seep saves energy and time
  • Agri-Fab is less expensive than its competitors


  • It has a huge design thus difficult to store
  • Unlike other models, the machine is too heavy



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Here comes another great and awesome sweeper that is easy to maintain. Agri-fab 45 -0320 is the best tow behind lawn sweeper available in the market.

if you need a simple but quality sweeper, then Agri-fab 45-0320 is the right choice. This model will reduce your strain and time required to clean debris on the lawn. It has exceptional performance when it comes to trapping grass and leaves in either summer or spring seasons.

Agri-Fab sweeper can last for years if well maintained and used regularly. The machine has two semi-pneumatic wheels that ensure a smooth ride on the ground.

Besides all that, the device features up to four brushes that sweep debris directly to the hopper bag. The hopper bag is up to two times larger than the normal collecting bags. Adjustable brush height ensures perfect and effective cleaning.

For tractor or mower attaching, the system features a universal hitch. The hopper bag located on the tow near lawn sweeper is easily emptied from the mower with the help of a steel lever.


  • Foldable hopper bag makes it easy to store
  • Features a universal hitch to attach to the tractor
  • Designed with enough brush for superior cleaning.
  • Equipped with adjustable brush height lever
  • It’s easy to operate the lawn sweeper


  • Requires a lawnmower or tractor for its operation
  • Time-consuming to assemble the parts




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The mower is equipped with a powerful 12amp electric motor that is capable of providing enough power to cut through tough grasses. On top of that, the tractor has a sturdy and heavy construction stainless steel for durability.

The 18inch cutting deck gets the work done more efficiently and quicker. Green work 18inch 12amp mower features a rear and front wheels that make it easy to maneuver through the terrain. It’s simple and compact design makes the machine to maneuver through flower beds.

The machine provides up to seven-position height adjustment to offer a great range between 1-3/4 to 3-3/4 inches. Green work lawn sweeper has a comfortable handle thus provides great handling.


  • Equipped with a powerful 12amp electric motor
  • Capable of maneuvering through toughest areas
  • The simple and compact design makes it easy to store
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Features a sturdy and stainless steel construction


  • Not of high quality
  • Too small for large debris and grasses



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Earthwise is the best lawn sweeper for leaves and offers a 21-inch sweeper capacity. It comes with superior two brushes per section with a broad sweep that is capable of removing up to 80% of the debris, grass or leaves.

The sweeper comes equipped with an adjustable height setting for the premium brushes. The brushes can be tailored to suit any terrain despite the season. Its sturdy and heavy construction makes the brush the best lawn sweeper in the market. High quality and big collecting hopper bag are present that reduces the emptying rate.

The simple and compact design of the machine makes it maneuver through the toughest areas including flower beds. Its lightweight gives the device an extra advantage from the regular models. It’s the best suited for tiny clean up jobs.


  • Can pick most of the debris it comes across
  • Its lightweight thus no strain to push
  • Cab be tailored to suit all terrain
  • Features an adjustable brush height setting


  • Not suitable for picking wet debris, rocks, and nuts
  • Requires a lot of time to assemble



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Yard commander it’s a 42-inch sweeper type that can be attached to most of the tractors.  Not just that, but works perfectly with ATV or UTV when used along with lawn for sweeping out debris.

It’s convenient, simple and stylish design ensures smooth operation when cleaning debris on the lawn. Yard commander is among the top best tow behind affordable lawn sweepers.

It is ideal for saving time, while sweeping all wet debris, rocks and other related materials.  Besides, the rust-resistant powder coating makes the machine more durable and sturdy.

This amazing and stylish lawn sweeper has a cross brush design that works effectively concerning the collapsible hopper bag. The large collecting bag is easy to empty and doesn’t require frequent emptying due to its huge design.


  • The broad sweep helps in saving time
  • Cleans all debris and leaves as well as grasses immaculately
  • It’s easy to operate thus ideal for all people
  • Features a sturdy and heavy rust-resistant construction
  • Easy dumping of the collected materials


  • It’s too heavy thus not ideal for tough area
  • Time-consuming to assemble



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The American lawn mower is the best lawn sweeper for leaves powered by an 11 mp motor. The powerful motor is essential for providing enough power to cut all types of grass and small trees.

It features a large 14-inch cutting width with five unique positions easy to change the cutting height. On top of that the machine brushes are fully adjustable thus suits all terrains.

American lawn sweeper has 2-in-1rear mulching and discharges with hard top 16Gal grass bag. The grass indicator makes it easy to motor the bag for maintainability. 

The multiple handle height positions make the machine comfortable and intellect for all users. For easy storage, the system features a slim and compact frame with folding handles making storage easy. Includes clean air alternative to the gas-powered premium lawnmowers.


  • The machine is lightweight thus effortless to push
  • Capable of maneuvering through the toughest terrain
  • Easy to maintain the sweeper
  • Features a power motor
  • Equipped with a quality disposal bag


  • Its parts are not so durable
  • It’s a bit expensive


Lawn sweeper, it’s one of the useful tools you need when it comes to cleaning the garden or lawn. Apart from rake and mower bagger,

you need to have the best lawn sweeper to ensure maximum cleaning of the garden. Here are some of the critical things you need to consider when purchasing any lawn sweeper.

Sweeping path

The overall size of the sweeping path is directly propositional to the lawn size. The wider the sweeping path the larger the area the lawn sweeper can cover in a single pass. It’s always advisable to consider the size of your garden or lawn before settling to a certain lawn sweeper. If you have a huge garden, go for the sweeper with a large sweeping path.

Type of the lawn sweeper

We usually have two types of lawn sweepers in the market: manually pushed along and the tow behind (push behind) in case you have a mower or tractor the pull behind type is the best choice. If you have a medium size garden or lawn, then choosing the push type is the right decision.

Size of the lawn

The size of your garden or lawn will determine the type of lawn sweeper to get. Getting the right machine will help in maintaining the lawn in the recommended condition. Push along lawns is ideal for areas of about 2000square feet.

On the other hand, the tow behind lawn works effectively in a wide area. Besides that, the location of the garden is also a critical aspect when it comes to lawn sweeper purchasing. Therefore, check the sweeper that will suit your lawn site to reduce the cost of maintenance.

Collecting/hopper bag

Hoppers are essential for collecting the debris or materials as they are swept up.  You are supposed to empty the debris collecting bag by either adding the debris to the compost manure or throwing the debris.

Choosing a sweeper with a large collecting bag reduces the frequent emptying of the bag. However, the size of the lawn will result in the size of the hopper bag. The bags for the tow behind lawns sweepers differ from one another. So, check the right model and brand to identify the best collector bag.


The material used for manufacturing the sweeper is the other aspect to consider. Metal constructions are usually the best material due to their durability and sturdiness.

Ensure the metal used is rustproof. However, metal lawn sweepers are usually heavy thus requires a lot of force to push. The aluminum body and stainless steel work perfectly than any other material.


Q. What is the best lawn sweeper to buy?

A. It’s not easy to provide a straightforward answer to such kind of question. The reason had been that different people have a different point of view.

However, we have quality and durable lawn sweepers in the market.  Some of the brand’s lawn sweeper that has been in the market for long is Angi-fab, Ohio steel, and Kachel.

Q. Are lawn sweepers effective?

A. yes, if only you keep your lawn sweeper in the right condition, it will provide superior work. Most of the lawn sweepers are well known for their ability to work effectively when it comes to cleaning debris on the lawn.

However, not all brands and models can work effectively, thus consider getting the best lawn sweeper.

Q. Who makes the best tow behind lawn sweeper?

A.  Brinly Company is well known for its ability to make quality tow behind lawn sweepers. Therefore if you need the best durable and sturdy tow behind lawn sweepers, consider getting Brinly products.

Q. Do lawn sweepers pick up grass clippings?

A.   a lawn sweeper is designed with rotatable brushes that roam through your lawn thus collecting all debris into the hopper bag.  It is capable of collecting fallen leaves, grass clipping, and trigs. They are essential for picking all kinds of debris.

Q. Should grass clippings be left on the lawn?

No, after cleaning your lawn, it’s always advisable to remove all the grass clipping on the lawn. By doing so, you end up increasing the lifetime warranty of the machine


If you are strained by the manual cleaning of the lawn, consider getting the best lawn sweeper.  Getting the proper information and features of a certain machine helps you in getting the right product. 

However, to argue that your machine it’s the best, we have several factors that you need to consider. The article has discussed all the factors that determine the quality of a certain machine.  The buying guide should help you in coming up with the best lawn sweeper.

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