Best Butane Torch Lighter In 2020

If you have piling repairs, culinary work or tired of running out of matchsticks in the house, consider getting the best butane torch lighter.

Having it could come in handy; you will never run out of uses for it. The best butane torch could be used for a couple of activities, from light-duty home applications, cooking wonderful meals and jeweler purposes. 

The best butane torches are ideal for domestic occupants and engagers in DIY hacks for home improvement and professional undertakings. They come with high temperatures of up to 1430C adequate to melt commonly used metals such as copper and aluminum. You could never go wrong using the best butane torch for its commendable flexibility.

We are giving the best butane lighter reviews below to help you make the right choice.

Best Rated Butane Torch Lighter Reviews

The market is flooded with many butane torch lighters. Figuring out a quality model can be tough from the multitudes of products available. We dedicated our time on research to help you get a quality lighter that will meet your requirements. Check out our top 10 best recommended butane torch lighters.

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Piezo Ignition Technology Check Price
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1. Zippo Lighter Inserts


Zippo new lighter insert has a collection of double torch butane, single torch butane, and rechargeable arc options. This allows you to customize your level of application.

The torch butane offers neutral flames without smell. It comes packaged in a light case together with a Zippo butane fuel to refill the lighters. Each insert has the best class and comes in a gift box.

How to fill

  • The Zippo lighters come unfilled for safety purposes.
  • Remove the Zippo insert from the package.
  • Place the case beside the insert below the chimney.
  • Flip the insert upside-down.
  • Refill in a well-ventilated place and keep the lighter or insert away from your face.
  • Place the butane fuel nozzle into the filling space.
  • Refilling takes 6 seconds and wait for 2 minutes before using the lighter



2. Sondiko Butane Torch, Culinary Torch Refillable Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter.


This is the perfect torch lighter for kitchen and culinary purposes. It features a safety lock to prevent accidental ignition and a wide base to prevent it from falling. This lighter is easy to refill; you can use any brand of butane and light it using the piezo ignition technology. Due to its mini size, it becomes easy to carry for various outdoor activities. The flame burns continuously and can be adjusted.

The lighter is made with aluminum alloy nozzle and zinc alloy base suited for long-lasting periods. It is used for searing a steak, glazing baked ham, caramelizing sugar on top of crème, melting cheese, roasting bell peppers and toasting bread crumbs. You can also use it to light the fireplace, candles or cigars. Moreover, artists in jewelry and other crafts can use it for designs.

The structure of the lighter has a safety lock to prevent unintended lightings. The nozzle is long angled to refill securely and has a finger guard to keep your palms off the flame. It is among the best-rated butane torch lighter.



3. Butane Torch by Corkas Torch Lighter


The Corkas butane torch is the best cheap butane lighter that is designed to make home cooking much easier with finger-licking delicacies. It is covered with Aluminum alloy and a muzzle that is resistant to high temperatures. It has a safety lock that protects you from accidental burns and a wide base to prevent falling over. It is lightweight making it reliable and manageable.

It has a simple trigger-style ignition that allows for use at any angle including upside-down with one hand. You simply press the button to light fire and turn the safety lock clockwise; turning it vice versa will put off the flame. The temperature regulator adjusts the intensity of the flame to suit your needs. The flame reaches up to a temperature of 13000C/25000F and is refillable with butane.

Used for multiple purposes, for cooking; caramelizing sugar crème, searing steak, grilling barbeque, glazing ham, melting cheese, roasting bell peppers, toasting bread crumbs and bar cocktails. For art; soldering, welding, and brazing small metals or jewelry.



4. RONXS Torch Lighter, Butane Lighter in Pocket Size.


Ronxs Company aims at satisfying the user with the best lighters that have an amazing and superior quality. Ronxs torch lighter comes with triple burners that produce powerful and windproof flames. It lights candles, stoves, barbeque grill, fireworks camping, and other uses. It has an outstanding feature of a fuel level window that assists in checking the level of butane gas. You can determine when to refill the lighter and when not to.

Has an adjustable flame that allows you to regulate the power produced; high power is ideal for heavy-duty tasks while low power suits commonly done tasks. It is safe and easy to use; you flip the safety lock manually and slide down the switch. With its pocket size, you can carry it around without any feeling of liability. Additionally, the lighter comes in an elegant box, suitable to gift it to someone.



5. Butane Torch, Kollea Kitchen Torch Lighter.


The Kollea model is among the best refillable butane lighter. It comes with a safety lock that protects you from lighting it accidentally and misuse by children. It portrays an ergonomic design that settles and it is comfortable to hold. Has multi-versed applications ranging from culinary, arts, repairs and lighting usage. It is refilled with butane gas that only has a long nozzle.

The flame mode is continuous; lighted using Piezo ignition technology. The button on the lighter is pressed and released; your finger need not stay in pressing mode then the safety lock is turned clockwise. The flame can burn without ceasing until you turn the lock anti-clockwise to extinguish it.

A wide range of functions such as culinary; making crème brulee, roasting ball peppers, searing steak and melting cheese, making crafts and repairs. The flame is adjustable to regulate its intensity. The Kollea provides excellent customer service with a 2-year warranty and 3 months money return agreement.



6. TBTEEK Butane Torch, Kitchen Torch Cooking Torch.


The Tbteek butane torch is of exceptional value and the customer service provided is thoughtful. It has an ergonomic design that gives you comfort when holding it. It is created with aluminum alloy that builds sturdiness and durability. It is butane gas refillable after running out; the butane gas should have a long nozzle. This mini torch is lightweight allowing portability and ease of holding.

The flame is adjustable hence controlling its temperature to suit your intended purpose. It can be used for caramelizing food, baking, dessert making, bar cocktails, soldering DIY jewelry, roasting, searing steak, lighting, barbeque grills and making crafts. The flame can burn to a temperature of 1300oC/ 2500oF. The lighter has a safety lock to hinder accidental ignitions. It comes in a package with an additional silicone brush and screwdriver.



7. Butane Torch Kitchen Blow Lighter.


This torch is ideal for professional culinary purposes; preparing mouth-watering cuisines. It is widely applied in making caramel desserts, cigar lighting, and grilling barbeque and as a small handicraft. The flame has adjusting controls that adjust the frame’s size and shape, the bigger the flame the more powerful it is. The lighter is ignited using the Piezo ignition technology.

The temperature of the flame reaches an intensity of 1300oC according to the nature of your task. To light the torch, you only need to press light fire, easy as pie. The airflow control valve controls and gas flow regulator determines the power and intensity of the flame. If you close the valve, the flame is put out.  This brand wipes off the look of worry of their customer’s faces. They offer a 90-day guaranteed refund and a 2-year warranty. They are easy to reach and place orders.

This could be the best butane torch lighter for its professional and DIY use; you can find it in a restaurant, household, and outdoor activities.



8. Big Butane Torch, Zoccura Refillable Industrial Butane Torch Adjustable Double Flames Blow Torch.


The Zoccura lighter comes with the unique big double adjustable flames that are mainly suited for heavy-duty tasks. It has a strong and sturdy brass nozzle that can be turned upside down without the flame blowing out. The flame is continuous and can be adjusted to a length of 6 inches and a temperature 1350oC. The flame is wind resistant and can be used outdoors and indoors.

The refilling valve is copper made offering good gas tightness. It is compatible with any butane gas, just turn it upside down and attach a long nozzle tip. It has a safety lock that prevents unintentional ignitions. The customer service offers an incredible 3-year replacement guarantee. Used for industrial purposes, kitchen delicacies and crafts.



9. Foxfirers Butane Lighter Long Lighter Refillable Lighter.

  • Quite big.The foxfirers expiate for the inflexible holding and positioning by having a long flexible neck that rotates at will and bends to different angles to meet various needs. This protects your hands from getting burnt while lighting or doing any other task. The fuel valve is universal and is refilled with a long nozzle butane gas, to master the process refer to the manual.

This jet flame lighter is adjustable and continuous accommodating use for light-duty and heavy-duty jobs. It comes in different colors; black, gold and silver, which blend in well with your home. With a capacity of 5ml, it can be used for 500-100 times at a low setting. Suits well to be operated in camping, bonfire, candle lighting, fireplace lighting, and grilling.  Its safety lock prevents any unplanned flame ignition.



10. Authenzo Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter.


This is the best torch lighter for professional undertakings and creative cuisines. Widely used in the creation of sweet caramel dessert, barbeque, cigar lighter and a DIY companion. The flame burns continuously and is adjustable to a temperature of 1300oC to satisfy a couple of needs. The refilling is done with the lighter upside down using a long nozzle universal butane gas.

To operate the culinary torch refill it with butane, slide the security lock open, press the button then it lights, very easy and efficient. No level of skill is needed to operate this lighter; applies to the other brands also. The culinary torch is designed with a security lock to prevent any accidental ignitions. The boy is created from durable aluminum alloy metal and the grip is firm enough to operate with it.



Things to Consider When Buying a Butane Torch Lighter

You must find out the winning points and turn-offs when identifying the best butane torch lighter. There are key things you should put thought into before making a decision.


The flame has various features such as the size and the edges. The flame that the butane torch produces has to be even and precise along the edges; you do not want to get uneven burns on your cuts or steak. The best butane torch includes a flame adjustment lever to manage the flame size to suit the purpose.

The refilling convenience

There are butane torch lighters with high-quality refilling and those without. It’s a factor that some brands need to improve on. How often do you need to do it or are the steps overwhelming? You need to base your decision on how convenient this is, for you.


The shape of the butane torch needs to fit into your grip comfortably. Choose a compact and stable butane torch to avoid overturning during use. The base of the torch has to be flat and huge for self-support and a fast position to hold it.


This depends on the purpose you will use the torch for. If you want a portable torch and an easy to work with for less intensive chores, choose a smaller butane torch. On the other hand, if you perform bulky operations involving repairs, a larger torch will be appropriate.


As long as all your working conditions and preferences are dealt with, the price of the torch should come last. It is best if you work within your budget since there are many butane torch lighters with varied price tags. High price value does not always guarantee high-quality parallel to that low prices do not indicate low quality.

Torch Applications

Culinary- the best butane torch lighter is obtained for being a kitchen gadget that enhances various activities. It can be used for melting cheese, caramelizing sugar on top of crème and glazing a baked ham. Cooking is an art and an artist needs the best tools including a butane torch. If you want the best steak and a crispy toast be sure that a butane torch will do the job for you.

Lighting The best torch lighter is used for lighting cigars, candles and fireplaces and camping fire at night. You can enjoy roasting marshmallows over a fire at night beneath the stars.

Jewelry making– a jeweler has to curve out shapes in different pieces to give an attractive design. It can be used for soldering earrings, jump rings and small links. With the best torch lighter, be sure to grow your vocation or career. Jewelry art requires meticulous precision in every effort you put in, to achieve great results and beautiful pieces, get the best butane torch.

Small Repairs A butane torch could come in handy while fixing things and carrying out basic functions. You can use it for soldering electronics, rope cutting, welding and shrinking. Besides that, you can defrost, thaw frozen pipes, strip paint and do plumbing with it. You do not need to be an expert to use this tool, it is easy to use and handle. This tool does wonders with its multi-function capability; it improves your sense of creation and providing solutions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best refillable butane lighter?

A:  Some of the recommended refillable butane lighters include the following:

  • Fat Panda Quintuple Jet Torch Lighter- bears an ergonomic design and can be used in extreme environments.
  • VVAY 3 Jet flame torch cigar lighter-has an adjustable triple jet flame and features a cigar punch
  • Cobber Torch Cigar Lighter- has a refill valve, a sturdy metal body, and a large flame base.
  • Icfun Torch Cigar Lighter- has a three windproof torch flame, a refill valve and a fame regulation system.

Q: What is the best torch lighter?

A: We have provided you with quality torch lighters that you can consider buying. The above models we have reviewed are the best that you can consider buying on the market today. Check out their unique features so that you can choose the right one.

Q: What is the highest quality butane?

Neon Butane Fuel- It fits almost all butane lighters and other products using butane. It has been filtered and refined 5 times and does not have a strong smell; it will not chock you.

Zippo Butane- It is known for its quality, it sustains your cigar lighter, candle lighter, outdoor utility lighter and Flex Necks lighter.

Colibri Butane- It maintains the flavor of your cigars. It has longevity and high quality for its clean-burning flame. It has no impurities and keeps your flame burning.

Q: How many times can a butane be refined? 

A: 3 times, 4 times and 5 times. The number of times is significant only if the quality of the refinement process in high. Butane is refined in 4 different steps.

  • Extract from natural gas/ petroleum.
  • Remove the oil. 
  • Condensation process.
  • Remove the water; Solid desiccant and glycol dehydration.

Final Words

It is quite clear that the best butane torch lighter has practical uses and benefits. For home-based uses, it fits a good replacement for match sticks. The flame used is non-luminous, widely known and used for its potential to be hot, soot free and quiet. You do not need meticulous skills to handle the best butane torch lighter, it is easy to use with safety tips observed. Using one does not guarantee flawless results, but it would be reliable and dependable to partner with it through the processes involved. As long as you have home appliances at home, I don’t see why you should not get the best cheap butane torch lighter above; you will need to cook, do repairs and smoke.