Which Video Compressor Is Best for Discord(2023)

Which Video Compressor Is Best for Discord

Have you ever been annoyed that your preferred video wouldn’t upload to Discord? The most practical choice for Discord might be to use a video compressor.

Notably, Discord is among the most innovative instant chat services available today.

It provides a wide range of capabilities, such as hosting video calls, conferences, and private or group chats with other users on a specialized server.

Sharing films with friends and family on Discord after learning how to get them from popular websites like YouTube may be difficult.

On the platform, users frequently see an error when uploading movies. The notice “Your Files are Too Powerful” may have shown. Please keep files under 8 MB in size.

This is unfortunate, but thankfully there is a fix. But how can you accomplish this?

You only need a video compressor for Discord to get started.

The majority of people err in this area. They make the mistake of using any old tool. This is because only a few tools on the market offer reliable results.

The finest video compressor for Discord will be shown in this article.

Which Video Compressor for Discord Is Best?

A quick review of the top video compressor for Discord is provided below


I have used the free video compressor on Veed.io several times, which is excellent. The interface is simple when uploading a video file and selecting the compression level.

An outstanding feature of the compression ratio is that it may be adjusted to be higher or lower while still displaying the video size for that ratio. The length of the video decreases as the ratio falls.


We think Movavi is the finest video compressor for Discord and that you should stay with them if you want the best possible results while uploading videos.

You may rely on these people to assist you with top-notch video editing elements, including keyframe animation, special effects, and premade introductions.

Additionally, they provide their customers with the option to Apply Chroma Key, which lets you choose any background color for their films.

They just redesigned their user interface, which we think is incredibly user-friendly and has simple controls, so you don’t need to learn anything to utilize them.

One of the best features of this video compressor for Discord is that it combines file processing, rendering, and highly speedy video compression within Discord’s maximum 8MB file size limit.

We guarantee you won’t regret looking into this video compressor, and we have a hunch you’ll be able to use it for all of your video uploads to Discord for a very long time.

VEED Video Compressor

VEED is an online video compressor that enables you to post videos that are smaller in size. Any size video can be uploaded, and you can select the compression ratio you desire.

One of the easiest user interfaces in the industry is provided by VEED. To change the size of your video, you can use the compression ratio tool.

However, there are a few limited free capabilities that, depending on your needs, you can subscribe to at the fundamental, pro, or enterprise level.

Visit www.veed.io/video-compressor to use this compressor. You can upload your video, whether you have a paid or free account, by following the on-screen instructions.

Choose your preferred size and change the compression ratio to keep the video under 8MB.

Once the video is finished, click the Compress button and download the file.

There are many ways to get support from this service, including a chat feature if you run into problems or need aid.

Free Convert

You can minimize the size of your videos utilizing the free convert online video compressor.

You may manage features like the compression algorithm, target size, and Codec type with the help of this service. The compressed video can be saved in several file types, including MP4, FLY, MKV, AVI, MOV, and 3GP.

This compressor has a 256-bit SSL safety feature that deletes your content automatically after two hours.

This platform offers free conversions of other programs, including Word, ebooks, and audio files. Overall, this is a fantastic platform for free file conversion.


So what exactly are eight MB.video?

With the help of this web service, you can compress videos up to 2B into sizes of 8MB, 50MB, or 100MB.

The website will compress the submitted video to/under your specified size. The option to remove audio altogether is available.

This service is free and ad-free without registering or creating an account. This is a well-known reliable video compressor that many people use and trust.

Visit https://8mb.video/ to use this service, then choose your preferred file size when uploading a video. Once the video has been uploaded, a compressed version will be generated and available for download. Of course, once compressed, the video quality could not be of a high resolution, and the process takes a long to finish—typically 48 hours.

However, eight MB.video is an excellent tool for compressing videos. After completing this, you can modify the video’s size, resolution, and other settings.

Once you’ve finished, click the “compress” button and then the “download” button to save the newly compressed video file.

The best part is that even if you’re compressing your video clip, the quality won’t suffer. The best part is that you may register for their features without paying anything, and you can compress your video files up to 500 gigabytes. If your films are larger than this, you’ll need to purchase one of their plans.


You may use Clideo as a Discord video compressor because they can assist you with editing features such as resizing, merging, subtitles, and trimming videos, in addition to helping you with compressing your Discord videos.

You only need to submit your file if you want to compress a movie; the tools will take care of the rest. You can change many settings, including your frame rate and video size, to achieve your desired results.

In addition to utilizing all of their products online without downloading anything or jeopardizing your desktop’s security, we believe this tool is relatively user-friendly.

They handle many codecs, including MP4 and AVI, and their user interface is straightforward.


If you’re looking for a Discord video compressor that can compress your movies using cutting-edge technology, CloudPresso has all you need. This indicates that you may 80% compress your video files without losing quality.

We also believe that the product is incredibly user-friendly and accessible to everybody, regardless of background in technology. One of the most significant sites to compress videos is with these people, which can help you save a tonne of time.

They feature three quality settings (high, very high, and maximum) and a 100-megabyte file size restriction for their free edition. You may also choose up to 10 files at once and wait for them to finish processing.

WinX HD Video Converter

If you need a professional video converter, the following Discord video compressor on our list is excellent. You will need to download this, which is offered as software or app.

Although it does provide a free trial version, you can only use Windows to access it.

We consider this to be a great all-in-one application that allows you to edit and produce videos in a variety of various formats.

Additionally, it has a very user-friendly layout that allows you to access all of its features and functions in seconds.

If you want to be able to resize all of your Discord videos, XConvert is incredibly helpful. They support a lot of different file types, including GIF and JPG.

One of the things we enjoy best is that you can use this Discord video compressor for free. And also have access to settings like changing the quality, resolution, and selected output file size.

We believe these folks are an open platform with your best interests at heart. They also assert that they won’t make concessions on issues like data security. 


If you want to be able to resize all of your Discord videos, XConvert is incredibly helpful. They support a lot of different file types, including GIF and JPG.

One of the features we like best about this Discord video compressor is that you can use it for free and modify the quality.

Final Words

We believe these folks are an open platform with your best interests at heart. They also assert that they won’t make concessions on issues like data security. 

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