Top 10 Best eCommerce Stores in South Korea, Online Shopping Stores in South Korea

eCommerce Stores in South Korea


Online shopping in Korea is one of the most developed sectors in the world. In Korea, internet connection is solid, making Korean e-commerce more attractive to the customer. Because of the country’s fast delivery, many Koreans buy products online rather than visiting physical stores. The e-commerce sites have also contributed significantly to the Korean economy by providing various services that can meet the needs of each customer. In this article, we will explore the top ten popular Korean online shopping websites currently working well in the country. 

The top 10 e-commerce stores in South Korea


Site Unique Quality Free overnight shipment with Rocket Shipping Ideal for introverts, English and Chinese versions
Gmarket Global orders, items with free delivery ship free
Market Kurly Premium online grocery service, quick delivery
Interpark Specializes in K-Pop accessories, multi-language Expanding to other Asian nations, point system
Auction Compares product costs from multiple websites
Yesstyle Focus on Korean beauty and fashion items
Lotte Offers savings on event tickets, Korean-focused
WeMakePrice Daily transactions, daily bargains, and discounts

1. Coupang

Coupang was founded by Bom Kim in 2010, and it has since grown to become the largest online marketplace in South Korea. Its headquarters are in Seoul, South Korea, incorporated in Delaware, USA. The site offers a wide range of products, from snacks to ramen to vegetables and frozen foods, all at reasonable costs. Delivery in Korea is always quick, but Coupang is known for its Rocket shipment, which offers free overnight shipment if you order over 19,800 KRW of Rocket Shipping-available products. It assures that you will receive your packages the following day, even if you order at midnight. Buying Coupang PB brands may receive household essentials like detergents, tissues, and soaps at meager prices.

Visit site: Coupang


ShinSeGae Group operates SSG, which stands for “slip away/leave quickly and quietly” in Korean. merged Department Store, E-Mart Mall, Traders, Boots, Shinsegae TV Shopping, s.i. Village, and howdy. Because you don’t have to engage with anyone, it’s the ideal shopping experience for introverts. SSG has English and Chinese versions available as of 2021. They are, however, somewhat limited, so if you wish to use this service, you should be able to read Hangeul. SSG has a diverse range of well-known brands found in department stores. 

Visit site: SSG

3. Gmarket

Launched in 1999, Gmarket is arguably the most visited website among foreign residents of Korea. English is one of the three languages that the website can understand. It is practical, varied, and well-organized. Everything is available, including gadgets, furnishings, and men’s clothing. They show how much you save and the merchandise’s current exchange rate. They mail stuff worldwide, so you can minimize the quantity of luggage you bring back. The best part is that everything in your cart will ship for free if you add items with free delivery. This, however, is limited to deliveries made within Korea. That customers from all around the world place orders on GMarket is its best feature. 

Visit site: Gmarket

4. Market Kurly

Market Kurly is a premium online grocery service that delivers quality goods anywhere in Korea, excluding Jeju Island. They provide high-quality domestic and imported goods. If you purchase by 11 p.m. KST, you will have your items by morning. This service is handy when you lack staple foods like milk or eggs. They expanded their product line to include vitamins, toothpaste, baby food, and diapers. Every order is packed with an ice pack to keep it fresh. Market Kurly carries a variety of grocery items that are difficult to get in Korea, such as foreign-brand cheese, butter, and vegan delicacies. The only disadvantage is that they now only offer services in Korean. 

Visit site: Market Kurly

5. Interpark

Interpark is mainly recognized for selling concert and exhibition tickets and other K-Pop accessories unlike any other store. Popular and rare Korean star collections, comics, and recordings are also available. Aside from this one-of-a-kind aspect, the business has much to offer shoppers. Your grocery goods, apparel, fashion, and beauty accessories may be found here. Interpark is also popular with visitors from other countries since it provides Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese information.  Furthermore, the website is separated into pretty handy sections while searching for items: Interpark Book, Interpark Music, Interpark Movie, etc. 

Visit site: Interpark


11Street, launched by SK Planet, is still developing and expanding to other Asian nations such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Turkey. It has an app as well as a website. Everything you need is from apparel, jewelry, groceries, and electronics. They also have sales time. The majority of items will be delivered within 2-3 business days. However, you will be informed of the approximate date following your payment. Customers can freely choose the payment currency while shopping on the website because it supports English-speaking and Chinese consumers. 11Street, like many other online shopping platforms, offers a point-accumulation system. It also takes PayPal payments and provides international shipping. 

Visit site: 11Street

7. Auction

Auction is another online e-commerce auction startup that was purchased by eBay in 2011. Although Auction’s competitiveness is not as strong as other local online platforms, it remains popular. This is because it gathers data from over 3,000 other websites to let users compare product costs and choose products with the most reasonable prices. Specials on all-kill! Online shopping malls, open markets, apparel, baby products, electronics, tickets, book albums, etc. The results of product information and merchants (from considerable corporations to online stores) will be displayed in descending order of cost. User-generated content, ranging from product evaluations to expert comments, is also included in the auction.

Visit site: Auction

8. Yesstyle

This is one of the most popular internet stores for Korean beauty items. You can also find Korean skincare, makeup, clothes, and accessories here. Furthermore, free worldwide delivery is provided on orders of USD 59 or more. Yesstyle, as the name implies, is all about fashion statements. This English website is unique in that it also sells Japanese and Korean clothes. It also includes an app you can download on iOS or Android. Though these websites are in English, if you plan to live in Korea for a few years, you should learn Korean. Knowing the language of the country you live in, especially one as culturally diverse as Korea, will always provide more benefits than you may anticipate.

Visit site: Yesstyle

9. Lotte

Lotte Shopping e-Commerce, which established Korea’s first online shopping mall on June 1, 1996, offers clients optimal shopping solutions via B2B and e-marketplace services. You may save up to 57% on event tickets from TV products to recognized brand products when you join It is only available in Korean and does not ship internationally. If you don’t speak Korean, we recommend using Google Translate. There are sections for women’s clothes, men’s wear, miscellaneous items, skincare, electronics, electronics, interior, and cuisine. However, perishables may not be shipped internationally, although snacks, drinks, processed food, and vitamins are allowed.  

Visit site: Lotte

10. WeMakePrice

WeMakePrice is a Korean online shopping site focused on daily transactions that aim to be Korea’s first e-commerce platform. This website is “falling behind” the quick expansion of other online buying websites such as Coupang and Gmarket after many years. However, WeMakePrice, a firm worth approximately $2 billion, continues to invest in growing into new international markets. Users can choose things based on their needs on the website because WeMakePrice offers various commodities, including clothing, cosmetics, food, furniture, and concert tickets. It also features an online shopping app that offers daily bargains and discounts on various products like cosmetics, electronics, and home goods.

Visit site: WeMakePrice

Wrap Up

The Korean online retail business is very competitive, with millions of people and high internet penetration rates. Among the top competitive e-commerce stores in South Korea are,,, Market Kurly, Interpark, and, Auction, Yesstyle, Lotte Shopping e-Commerce and WeMakePrice get a high-rank currently. Every site has different plus points; some are good at food products while others are best at beauty or many other products, so I hope now you can choose the one that suits your needs. Stay with us for a learning guide to online shopping sites in different countries.


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