List of Best Kodi Builds 2023 with No Buffering

Best Kodi Builds

I had the idea to customize Kodi after only a brief period of use. After all, something needs a little individuality if I’m going to use it frequently. To change the layout, I applied skins and changed a few parameters. Then came the extras. Each addon needed to be manually installed. I can assure you that it was a challenging and time-consuming task.

But since I started using Kodi, so much progress has been made. Leia, the most recent version, provides customers with much more than the other editions. In any case, discussing the features of the most current versions is not the goal. But first, let me ask you a question. What if you could download a single addon that includes a variety of skins, addons, and other features?

You would all probably feel relieved to learn that this is feasible. Now that developers have made it possible, you can install a single addon containing numerous components. Kodi Builds the name for these add-ons.

Which Kodi build is the best?

You would be wrong to believe that only a few Kodi builds are available. This is not the case, I assure you. You would be astonished to discover so many possibilities when searching for “Best Kodi Builds 2022.” Not all of them, though, are the best option. What makes a great Build? Well, it needs to support all forms of content, allow for setting customization, and even support a variety of skins to alter the overall aesthetic.

Best Kodi Builds in 2023

So, which Kodi build will be the greatest in 2020? This query will be addressed below. All builds are chosen based on their additions, frequent updates, novel new features, and other factors. Let’s get going.


Perhaps the finest build for 2020 is this one. To ensure a flawless experience, it has an extensive range of add-ons. These add-ons allow you to stream live videos from popular US and UK channels. It is ideal for folks who enjoy watching a variety of stuff, which is something we like about it. Second, the build is frequently updated with new additions and features, making it incredibly convenient and simple to use. Additionally, it works with Kodi’s most recent version.

Mods for Misfits Lite

We want to be clear that it only functions with the most recent Kodi releases. To utilize this build, you must run a version higher than 18.1. What justifies installing forms the most? The most frequent excuse is watching live TV and streaming movies, episodes, and music. Well, this build accomplishes just that. Additionally, it has two well-known addons already installed: Death Star and SportsDevil.


Popular addons like Exodus Redux and the Magic Dragon are included in the build. This build stands out because of how simple it is to use. Even a new user of Kodi may navigate Xanax without much difficulty. All forms of content, including live television, can be streamed with this model.

Atomic Matrix

A third-party Kodi built by the Misfit Mods Wizard is called Atomic Matrix (the same source as Misfit Mods Lite build). This build provides a sleek, organized interface with simple navigation. Trending content is highlighted on Atomic Matrix’s front page.

Depending on your chosen category, it also provides rapid access to video addons. Atomic Matrix’s Kodi build is lightweight and responsive even on low-end devices. It is designed for FireStick and Android TV and has a remote-friendly build. Both PCs and smartphones can use it.


The DoomzDay Builds Wizard offers a comprehensive selection of Kodi-compatible hardware.

Some lightweight builds (like the Nova TV build) operate without issues on devices with less RAM. They are ideal for Android TV boxes and FireSticks.

Additionally, specific heavier builds are feature-rich but perform better on desktops or mobile devices with higher spec levels. Nevertheless, you have many options, so I’m sure you’ll find one that works best.

These builds enable you to stream all of your favorite material because they include a variety of well-known Kodi addons. So give DoomzDay a shot; you won’t be sorry. The Nova TV Kodi build from the DoomzDay Wizard is shown in the image above.

No Limits Magic Build

The No Limits Build is available in various flavors, and it is plain to understand why it has grown to be so well-known with its user-friendly interface and plenty of functional Kodi Add-ons. The download size may differ depending on your selected version because you can install either the Lite or Full version of the build. AdryanList, AdultHideout, Bennu, BoB Unleashed, Castaway, cloud TV, DC Sports, Death Streams (SALTS replacement), Duckpool, Elysium, GoodFellas 2.0, Maverick TV, Pro Sport, Pulse Fitness, Quantum, Release HUB, Specto Fork, SportsDevil, UK Turk Playlists, Ultimate Whitecream, VideoDevil, and others are some of the more well-known videos add.

The No Limits Magic build is updated frequently. No need to be concerned that using your system would clog it up with broken addons that will break streaming video links. Top Kodi addons that are a part of No Limits Magic are routinely removed when they cease functioning or become out-of-date. Additionally, adding or removing plugins from this build is simple.


The Slamious Wizard may be used to install Slamious, a fantastic Kodi build. The Slamious Repository contains the Slamious Kodi build. This build comprises sections for movies, TV shows, sports, live TV, music, kids, and libraries. It was formerly housed in a different repository. Rising Tides, The Crew, Maverick, Goto, Seren, The Oath, The Boys, Release BB, and other addons are included. Movies, TV shows, live TV, kids programming, music, sports, videos, addons, debrid, and systems are just a few of these categories. The Amazon Firestick is compatible with Slamious, a fantastic Kodi build that works well on all popular streaming devices.

The Neuromancer Kodi Build

The Ghetto Astronaut repo, which also contains some other top-notch builds on this website, contains a new build called The Neuromancer Kodi Build. The Neuromancer builds primary categories include AIO (all in one), TV shows, movies, kids, favorites, music, and sports. Channels, Superflex, Docula, and Butterfingers are a few examples of subsections. The Neuromancer build has several categories: Channels, Music, Kids, Favs, and systems.


Element’s recent release is compatible with any Kodi 19 device you like. This build is one of the few that is compatible with Kodi 19. Therefore suitable addons are pre-installed.

This applies to Seren, The Oath, and other addons. See our tutorial below for further details about Element and installing this build.


The Slamious Repository has the Franks Kodi build, which has just received updates and is operating flawlessly. Movies, TV Shows, All in One, System, Power, and Addons are a few of the Categories in Franks.

Numbers, The Crew, Magic Dragon, Seren, FEN, Marauder, Ghost, and other popular addons are just a few of the available ones. Franks is a fantastic Kodi build that runs smoothly on all well-liked streaming devices.


Within the Phoenix Repository, there is a new build called Steampunk, among other High-quality builds. The Steampunk build has several categories, including Debrid, Addons, Favorites, System, and Power. Users can alter how Steampunk’s appearance by installing the Steampunk Fanriffic Theme Repository. You may access HD Movies and Live TV from the Steampunk Main Home screen.


As it emanates the color of royalty, the Plutonium Build created by the EzzerMacs team consisting of Ezzerman and Wullie Mac is known as the Purple Plutonium Build. With a 140MB file size, Plutonium Kodi Build fits easily on Amazon Fire Stick TV and almost any other Kodi streaming device. Movies, TV shows, documentaries, sports, videos, apps, music, Yoda, Ghost, and many more are just a few of these categories. Yoda, Athena, DeathStar, Medusa, Voodoo, The Magic Dragon, and other popular addons are included with this build.

SG Wizard

The developers who provided us with the EzzerMac Builds also produced the SG Wizard Builds. However, the creators opted to segregate SG Wizard Builds into a distinct wizard rather than integrating them with the other EzzerMac Builds (accessible through EzzerMac Wizard). However, the creators opted to segregate SG Wizard Builds into a distinct wizard rather than integrating them with the other EzzerMac Builds (accessible through EzzerMac Wizard). We are happy to include SG Wizard builds on our list of the Best Kodi Builds. Many of these builds are respectable in appearance and functionality.


This concludes our article for today. If you feel that we have missed out on any Build that you think should have made it onto our list, please let us know. We are human, after all, and it is nearly impossible for us to check each build. With Kodi becoming highly popular, the number of developers is also increasing.

Every day we hear about new addons, Builds, and skins. However, not every build is worth downloading. You might end up with a bricked device or, even worse – a hacked device. Therefore, always opt for a Build from a reliable developer. So far, there has been no case of them sending malware to a device or bricking them.

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