A Chinese Company has Tested Using a Person’s Palm as a Card for Payment

The business is Tencent, and its video was made public on TikTok Dwayne in China. A person can be seen in the video getting a soft drink after having his palm print scanned. This person is associated with the Chinese social media platform WeChat, which was the first business to utilize a facility owned by the Tencent Corporation.

The company claims that its tests have been ongoing for several months and that Guangzhou, China, has seen the first practical application of it. Palm print identification and payment advocates believe it to be marginally superior to other biometric systems. This topic is controversial, though, as it is very simple to steal or copy palm prints. This is why fingerprint eye impressions have historically been regarded as being more secure.

However, all technology analysts agree that credit and debit cards will become obsolete sooner or later. The Chinese University of Hong Kong’s David Zeng, a professor of data science, claims that China has been developing palm technology for the past 20 years and is now considering using it.

People wearing masks continue to avoid shaking hands, and the Covid-19 epidemic is still showing signs of spread in China. In this context, Palm technology can be very significant. However, it should be noted that Amazon has already installed palm scanners at its 180 regular stores, allowing customers to purchase items, have the money deducted from their associated palm account, and then take them home.

Due to population growth, Alipay currently predominates in China, but Palm technology can be used for payments. The Tencent Company has announced that it will give 100 dollars to volunteers who sign up to test it out.

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