Apple Releases macOS 13.2 with Support for Security Keys

Apple Releases macOS 13.2 for Security Keys

Apple officially released iOS 16.3 and macOS 13.2. Support for Security Keys with Apple ID is the key new feature included in the newest firmware, which also has over 20 security updates.

Check System Settings > General > Software Update to discover if macOS 13.2 is already available on your Mac.

With iOS 16.3 and macOS 13.2, users of iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices can now use a physical key to strengthen the security of their devices for the first time.

Additionally, macOS 13.2 includes 20 security updates that stop programs from accessing user-sensitive information, running arbitrary code with kernel privileges, and other issues. Check out Apple’s support document for the whole list. their Apple ID number.
For Freeform and VoiceOver, bug fixes are two more minor updates. A new Unity Wallpaper, a workaround for an iPhone horizontal line glitch, a repair for a Home Lock Screen widget, and other updates are included in iOS 16.3, in addition to Security Key support.

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