DoorDash Brings New Safety Features for Delivery People on its Platform


DoorDash is introducing new in-app safety features to help ensure the safety of delivery people on its platform before, during, and after each order. If DoorDash detects that a delivery is taking longer than expected, the app will check to see if the delivery person is okay. The new check-in feature will first be available in New York City and Washington, DC, before expanding across the country.

Delivery personnel will have access to a new “SafeChat” feature designed to prevent accidents. If the app detects inappropriate or offensive language in a chat, the sender will receive a warning. And the delivery person will be given the option to cancel the delivery without penalty.

In response to delivery person feedback, DoorDash will begin sending notifications to customers asking them to turn on their porches. Better lighting would make it easier for delivery people to find the right address and make them feel.

DoorDash is also making it easier for delivery personnel to report a safety incident that occurred during or after delivery. If a customer makes them feel unsafe, they can report it immediately via in-app chat or request an investigation. They can also prevent future deliveries to that customer.

Furthermore, DoorDash is collaborating with Samdesk, a global crisis detection platform, to provide real-time safety alerts. In the event of an emergency, the company will notify delivery drivers and merchants of the incident and suspend operations. The app will also check in on delivery people in affected areas to ensure they are safe.

The new features are an expansion of SafeDash, DoorDash’s in-app security toolkit that debuted last year. DoorDash collaborated with ADT to launch two toolkit features. In instances where users may feel unsafe, the “safety reassurance call” feature allows them to connect with an ADT.

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