Ford Pledges CarPlay Support while GM, Tesla, and Rivian Face Backlash

ford carplay support commitment

Ford is taking the exact opposite action as businesses like GM and Rivian face criticism for not implementing Apple’s CarPlay software. Ford provided an explanation for why it supports CarPlay in a statement to 9to5Mac.We are now wondering what Ford’s partnership with Apple and the upcoming CarPlay will be like in the future.

Ford is positioning its dedication to CarPlay as a differentiator from other EVs from manufacturers, including GM, Tesla, and Rivian. In the past two weeks, Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe reiterated his company’s opposition to CarPlay while GM stated that it will stop supporting CarPlay in its electric cars (EVs) beginning with models built in 2024.

The decision by GM and Scaringe’s remarks has drawn strong criticism from CarPlay supporters. Naturally, Tesla is still a CarPlay holdout, and there is no sign that this will ever change. Contrary to some of its rivals, Ford made it plain in a statement on Thursday that it has no plans to stop supporting CarPlay.

A spokeswoman added that because certain EVs currently lack the technology, “we continue to offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto because customers love the capability that enables easy access and control of their smartphone apps.”

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