Tired of seeing everyone on Twitter with a blue tick? This extension identifies who paid for it and who has been verified in reality

It all started yesterday when we announced that verified accounts would be labelled with a “Official” label. Musk later removed that feature entirely, deciding that there will be two verifications: one for those who paid for it, and another for those who are actually verified.

To ensure that they are indeed verified, open the profile in question and click on the blue tick. The handy little Chrome Extension will allow you to distinguish between paid and genuine Twitter verified accounts. Given that Twitter Blue was launched yesterday and allowed everyone in supported to access the Blue Tick, this resulted in a lot of confusion because people began misrepresenting actual accounts simply by paying for Twitter Blue.

We now have a very useful Google Chrome extension that will solve your problems for you. The extension in question was created by Will Seagar and Walter Lim, and its purpose is simple: it determines whether the accounts you follow are genuine or paid for. I quickly gave it a shot by loading it into Google Chrome, and here’s what happened.

Instead, my Twitter account shows that I am verified, and if I paid for Twitter Blue, it would display a badge that said, “Paid for Verification.” This is a useful little extension for those who want to ensure that they are only following legitimate accounts.

The process for downloading and installing the extension on Google Chrome is fairly simple. 3. In the top right corner of Google Chrome, click the button that looks like a puzzle piece. 7. Go to the location where you extracted the extension.

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