Toyota’s first electric sports car aimed to be indistinguishable from a gasoline one

Toyota electric sports car

Despite advancements in electric vehicles, there is a notable absence: an affordable electric sports car. Toyota aims to change that by developing an electric performance prototype worthy of its GR badge, according to a recent report from the UK. Akio Toyoda, Toyota’s former president, and a racing enthusiast, is actively involved in the car’s development.

Toyoda prioritizes the driving experience over the power train, stating that the car must be fun to drive regardless of whether it’s electric or gasoline-powered. He recently test-drove a prototype, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the thrill of driving. Toyota plans to enhance this experience by piping engine sounds into the cabin and incorporating an EV manual transmission with a realistic feel.

The goal is to create an electric sports car that is nearly indistinguishable from its gasoline counterpart. Toyoda mentioned the car will have a modern EV design, potentially lacking a grille. Preserving the “fun to drive” aspect is crucial for Toyoda, even as the industry embraces green energy.

While the car’s release is uncertain, Toyoda’s commitment to maintaining driving excitement remains strong. The success of the GR EV personally interests Toyoda, who founded Gazoo, Toyota’s performance sub-brand. Collaborations with partners Daihatsu and Suzuki may lead to a mid-engine EV layout, but details are yet to be disclosed.

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