UK study: Hybrids and EVs are much more likely to hit a pedestrian

Hybrid and electric vehicle risks

Pedestrian deaths in the United States have increased drastically over the last five years, most likely due to an increase in distracted driving, among other things. Whatever the explanation, it is evident that hybrid and electric vehicles endanger pedestrians. Recent research in the United Kingdom found that they are twice as likely to strike pedestrians as combustion engine cars and up to three times more probable in urban areas.

This is not an anti-EV rant and does not imply that electrified vehicles are terrible. They are, however, quieter than gas cars, making it more difficult to detect one approaching even though they must emit sound at lower speeds. They are also more likely to be driven by younger, less experienced drivers.

One of the study’s authors, Phil Edwards, stated, “The government must lessen these risks if it wants to phase out the sale of petrol and diesel cars. If you are switching to an electric automobile, remember it’s a different type of vehicle. They are significantly quieter than traditional automobiles, and pedestrians have learned to navigate streets by listening for traffic.”

Edwards also mentioned that EVs’ higher acceleration and weight can cause them to take longer to stop. He believes that if the government is going to push electricity, it should also impose more stringent criteria to keep pedestrians safer.

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