iOS 16.1 Battery Drain Test on New and Older iPhone Models Shows Minimal Improvements

Apple recently made available to the public the most recent iOS 16.1 update, which includes many brand-new features. Apple added the required performance improvements and bug fixes in addition to the build’s numerous features and changes. Battery drainage, however, is a significant problem that iPhone users have been experiencing since iOS 16 was released.

See how Apple’s most recent iOS 16.1 update performs in a brand-new battery drain test by scrolling down. Recent iOS 16.1 Battery Drain Test Results on New and Old iPhone Models Show Only Minor Improvements Over iOS 16.0.3 Apple introduced several new features in iOS 16.1 that were previously unveiled at its WWDC event. It has a battery indicator for additional iPhone models, Live Activities, and many other features.

Apple Bytes recently uploaded a new video to YouTube that compares the battery life of new and vintage iPhone models running iOS 16.1. The latest version of iOS 16.1 from Apple was used to conduct the battery drain test on the iPhone 13, iPhone 12, iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone SE, and iPhone 8. The YouTuber evaluated the battery life performance using Geek bench. All iPhones had a full charge and were set to a 25% screen brightness setting with auto-brightness disabled.

The iPhone 8 and iPhone SE lasted for roughly 3 to 3.5 hours before the entire battery depleted, as can be seen in the video. The iPhone XR and iPhone 11, on the other hand, lasted for roughly 5 hours and 45 minutes. With a total runtime of 9 hours and 12 minutes, the iPhone 13 achieved the highest rating. iOS 16.1 does not offer any significant battery life enhancements over iOS 16.0.3. We advise trying these battery life fixes if you are experiencing problems with your iPhone. Does your iPhone’s battery drain slowly now that iOS 16.1 is installed?

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