This iOS Shortcut lets you find out who pays for Twitter Blue

Find Twitter Blue subscription status by iOS Shortcut

Twitter has made changes to its verified badge system, which was created to confirm the identity of specific accounts. The company has updated its app and website to make the information ambiguous, showing that the account is verified because it’s subscribed to Twitter Blue.

This has led to confusion among users as they are unable to distinguish between those who have a legacy verified badge and those who pay for Twitter Blue. However, an iOS Shortcut called Checkmate has been developed by Mike Beasley, which lets users find out who is paying for the blue badge or not.

By adding the Checkmate shortcut to your device, you can easily identify whether the blue seal on a specific account is legitimate or from Twitter Blue. The shortcut shows whether the verified badge of that account is legacy or from Twitter Blue, and can even show if an account was legitimately verified in the past and is now a Blue subscriber. 

This is particularly useful for those who want to know whether a verified Twitter account is authentic or just a result of paying for Twitter Blue. According to Beasley, the Checkmate shortcut is a great way to see through the confusion and find out exactly how someone got verified.

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