Leaked Image Show iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C port and Titanium Design

iPhone 15 Pro with USB-C and Titanium

Following 9to5mac scoop on the iPhone 15 Pro’s initial CAD renderings, a fresh image leak may provide a glimpse of the device’s USB-C connector and speculated new titanium design. The reputable source Unknownz21 posted the picture on Twitter.

The picture purports to be our first actual look at the iPhone 15 Pro, with the emphasis on the bottom of the phone. Together with two exposed screws and the speaker holes, the USB-C port is visible. The only difference is that USB-C is used in place of Lightning, just like the current iPhone 14 Pro. The brushed appearance, which is unique to Apple devices, can be seen inside the USB-C port.

This image might be our first glimpse at the new titanium design of the iPhone 15 Pro in addition to displaying the USB-C connection. According to a few rumours, Apple will switch from stainless steel to titanium with its 2015 iPhone 15 Pro models.

In place of the present shiny stainless steel, the iPhone 15 Pro would feature a matte appearance comparable to that of the Apple Watch Ultra. This is what the image that was leaked by Unknownz21 on Twitter depicts, and the titanium hue is almost identical to that of the Apple Watch Ultra.

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