Mercedes-AMG GLC ups the ante with hybrid power for 2025 

Mercedes-AMG GLC ups

Mercedes-AMG will introduce the 2025 AMG GLC models, featuring refinements, upgraded performance parts, and the first-ever hybrid power train in a Mercedes-AMG SUV. The AMG GLC 43 boasts a powerful 2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine with 416 horsepower and all-wheel drive. 

On the other hand, the GLC 63 S E Performance combines a 2.0-liter turbo engine with an Electric Drive Unit (EDU) on the rear axle, resulting in an impressive 671 horsepower and 752 lb-ft of torque. Both models feature a multi-clutch (MCT) transmission for quick and precise shifting.

Braking performance is exceptional, with the high-end hybrid variant equipped with six-piston fixed calipers at the front and one-piston floating calipers at the rear. The interior offers optional leather and performance seats, along with the advanced MBUX infotainment system featuring AMG-specific displays and functions.

The GLC 43, a gasoline-only vehicle, will be on sale in 2024, while the GLC 63 S E Performance, a hybrid vehicle, will go on sale as a 2025 model. Pricing details have yet to be announced. Mercedes-AMG continues to push boundaries with these exciting updates to the GLC lineup.

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