Tim Sweeney Slams Apple Yet Again in a New Interview

Tim Sweeney

Tim Sweeney, CEO of Epic Games, is intensifying his conflict with Apple and the App Store. Sweeney threatened to appeal the protracted dispute between Epic and Apple to the Supreme Court in a recent interview, adding that “every politician should fear the rise of corporate power that Apple is creating.”

Ever the company behind Fortnite, added a backdoor to its iOS app to get around the App Store’s payment mechanisms. Apple and the company have been involved in a messy legal dispute. Although Apple hailed the initial judgment as a “resounding victory,” both Apple and Epic Games plan to challenge the ruling.

Tim Sweeney reiterated in his interview with The Verge that Epic Games intends to pursue the case “as far as possible. And necessary to achieve victory,” which could entail going all the way to the Supreme Court

The iPhone, according to Sweeney, should function similarly to macOS. Which is “how the iPhone should have been established when it was first released,” he claims. He said, “We’re just going to fight as long as it takes to get what we’re asking for. In his 31 years in the gaming industry, he added that this battle with Apple was “one of the things I’m most proud of.”

During the interview, Sweeney also discussed the disputes between Apple and Twitter over Twitter’s inclusion in the App Store. And, of course, App Store charges. In fact, Sweeney asserts that “every politician should fear” Apple’s ability to ban an application like Twitter from the App Store.

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