TSMC Celebrates 3nm Chip Production Starting in Taiwan

3 mn chip

A celebration is being held to mark the beginning of mass production of 3nm silicon in Taiwan. It is after TSMC and Apple CEO Tim Cook unveiled their upcoming chip plant earlier this month in Arizona. A ceremony like this is interestingly uncommon for TSMC, and here’s why..

According to Focus Taiwan, TSMC is hosting a celebration today to mark the beginning of 3nm process chip mass production in Taiwan. The company’s “Fab 18” plant, located in Tainan’s Southern Taiwan Science Park, will begin producing the newest and most advanced chip technology.

Having a ceremony like this is unusual for TSMC, and analysts believe the company is hoping it will allay concerns about recent investments in the US. Recently, the plans for its Arizona facilities more than tripled, from $12 billion to $40 billion.

Analysts of the market believe that the company is holding the ceremony to announce its intention to continue using Taiwan. As a center for R&D and manufacturing despite its foreign investments.

Tim Cook, who states, “These chips can be proudly stamped Made in America introduces the TSMC Arizona factory”. Although TSMC views Apple’s A16 as an improved 5nm chip, Apple currently refers to it as a 4nm chip. In 2023, the M2 Pro and Max models of the Mac are anticipated to use the first 3nm chips.

Although 3nm chips will eventually be produced at TSMC’s Arizona facilities. The company’s Taiwanese facilities are anticipated to produce cutting-edge equipment first. Mass production of 2nm chips is anticipated to begin as early as 2025.

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