Is The Cost Of A Walmart Tire Installation Cheaper Than A Tire Shop?

Walmart Tire Installation vs Tire Shop

From toys to cornflakes, virtually everything is available at Walmart and reasonable pricing. Given that they have thousands of locations throughout the US, it is not surprising that they also provide automobile services. If the tires on your car are worn out and old, you might be wondering how much it would cost to have a Walmart tire installed.

Unsurprisingly, tires are a crucial part of your car. Even though the engine produces power, the vehicle cannot move without its tires. Car tires are not designed to last forever like any other car part.

Therefore, you must pay attention to the piece of rubber that holds your car in place. Even though they were built to endure an extended period, your tires will ultimately need to be replaced.

So, is the fact that Walmart provides tire services essential? Are they any good, and is Walmart the most affordable option available? Since there are so many mom-and-pop and specialty tire shops, you can find similar services they supply.

You might even consider trying DIY-style work on a car by renting a garage. Now that you know why Walmart is an excellent place to get your tires replaced, come along and read our guide to the cost of Walmart tire installation.

Cost of installing tires at Walmart

Now that we know the potential causes of tire wear and whether you need to replace them, we can go on to the actual content of our guide. We want to know how much it will cost to install tires from Walmart. The straightforward response is that the basic tire installation kit costs $15 per tire. If you do the arithmetic correctly, a complete set should cost $60.

Walmart will include more services under its “basic tire installation package” than simply putting tires on your automobile. Both the valve stems and your car’s TPMS is serviced as part of the package (for more information, see our explanation of what TPMS on a vehicle means). ‘Tire Pressure Monitoring System’ is what the latter is called. Lifetime tire balancing is also included in the price of this package.

Additionally, Walmart will include a rotation every 7,500 miles (about on pace with how frequently tires should be rotated) and a lug re-torque after 50 miles. All of that is covered by the $15 “basic installation” fee per tire to have them put on.

However, you should know that tires not purchased through Walmart are subject to an additional $10 fee per tire.

Tire Centre At Walmart

But is it all Walmart has to offer in terms of services? Of course not, and it involves much more than just its straightforward, all-inclusive tire installation package. We’ll cover a few more of the services Walmart provides in our guide to tire installation. This also applies to some of the à la carte choices you can make if you decide not to purchase the complete set bundle.

Value Package ($25 Per Tire) Is The Walmart Tire Installation Cost #1.

This is an upgrade from the previously disclosed price for installing ‘basic’ Walmart tires. Overall, it provides the same services. As part of this, the tire must be mounted, the valve stems, and TPMS must be serviced, there must be lifetime balance, a rotation every 7,500 miles, and a lug re-torque every 50 miles.

But because the tires come with a “road hazard protection” choices you can make if you decide not to purchase the complete set bundle.

Value Package ($25 Per Tire) Is The Walmart Tire Installation Cost #1.

This is an upgrade from the previously disclosed price for installing ‘basic’ Walmart tires. Overall, it provides the same services. As part of this, the tire must be mounted, the valve stems, and TPMS must be serviced, there must be lifetime balance, a rotation every 7,500 miles, and a lug re-torque every 50 miles.

But because the tires come with a “road hazard protection” warranty, an extra $10 per tire is required. According to Walmart, this includes paying for unforeseen road risks and tire repairs. If you have just worn down 25% of the tread, it also offers a free replacement for tires that are beyond repair.

Timeless Balance And Rotation At Walmart Tire Installation Cost #2 ($14 Per Tyre)

For any tire, Walmart provides this service. They may be balanced and rotated every 7,500 miles. This covers the tires for their entire lifespan starting on the day of purchase. The significance of making sure your tires are correctly aligned and balanced was previously covered in our guide on Walmart tire installation costs.

Tpms Service And Valve Stem Included In Walmart Tire Installation Cost #3 For Each Tire

Walmart will charge you for this repair, including servicing your automobile’s TPMS sensor and installing valve stem covers. Be aware that additional fees may be associated with resetting the tire pressure monitoring system, for instance, if you observe a tire sign in your vehicle.

As a result, you should be able to determine in real time whether the pressure in your tire is operating at its best level. A tire pressure sensor malfunction can also be detected using this method.

Cost number four for Walmart tire installation is $15 per tire for flat tire repair.

Only tires that are tubeless in construction are covered by this. In this design, the tire’s internal air tube is absent. Instead, a solid airtight seal forms between the tire and the rim, holding the air in place. It might be repairable rather than wholly replaced, depending on the extent of the damage.

Mounting ($10 Per Carry-In Tire Or $15 Per Specialty Tire) Is The Fifth And Final Cost Of Installing Tires At Walmart.

Only putting the tires onto the wheel rim and then placing them on the vehicle is included in this fee. Unlike the complete installation bundle Walmart offers, the add-on mentioned above services are not included.

Tire Rotation ($2.50 Per Tire) Is The Sixth And Final Walmart Tire Installation Cost.

Walmart also provides a service merely for rotation if you don’t require a complete tire alignment or balancing. All that is being done here is moving the tires around on the car. Replace both the front and rear tires, for instance.

Lug Nut Replacement ($2 Per Lug Nut) Is The Cost Of Installing A Tire At Walmart.

Your car’s wheels are secured to the frame by lug nuts. The lug nuts can sometimes break and become worn out due to the stress placed on them. Another possibility is that it vanished or fell off while you were driving.

Tire Return Policy At Walmart

You can return the tires you purchased from Walmart if there are any compatibility difficulties (be careful to use a tire size guide for the best fitment). According to Walmart’s return policy, tires can be returned within 90 days of purchase. There are certain limitations to this, though.

First, the tires must be brand new, purchased from Walmart, and in excellent condition. That is to say, if the tires have already been mounted, put in place, and used, they cannot be returned. The returns must also be processed at a Walmart site with an Auto Care Centre.

White Face Tire Warranty

The possibility of having that expense covered by a warranty is one benefit of shelling out the money for Walmart tire installation. There are two tire warranty programs available from Walmart right now. First, purchase a Road Hazard warranty for $10 per tire (or $40 for the entire car).

This strategy will address unanticipated tire damage, such as receiving a flat tire. After that, they come with a Lifetime Balance warranty for $14 per tire or $56 for the entire car.

A Variety Of Tires

By this point, you should have a general idea of what a Walmart tire installation cost entails. The tires must first be purchased before you can pay to have them put. What kind of tires are available at Walmart? You could then inquire. In conclusion, Walmart offers a wide selection of tires.

Walmart’s store page lists over a thousand different tires for sale. Everything is covered, including budget-friendly hatchback tires and tough, off-road tires. Moreover, it extends beyond common passenger vehicles. Tires for large trucks, trailers, tractors, lawnmowers, boats, ATVs, golf carts, and even heavy-duty trucks are available at Walmart.

Along with being able to filter out the terrain, the tread wears warranty, tire loads, and other factors; this is another feature. Additionally, they offer a wide variety of famous brand tires. Expect the usual Firestone, Goodyear, Toyo, Yokohama, Continental, Pirelli, Michelin, Falken, Bridgestone, Dunlop, Hankook, Kumho, BF Goodrich, and so much more.

Fortunately, the Walmart shop website provides a practical option to make choosing tires easier. The make, model, and year of your vehicle are all selectable. In this approach, Walmart will conveniently narrow its selection to only the most appropriate tires for your specific vehicle. The purchase of tires should also consider another crucial factor that is sometimes forgotten.

Depending on the use and the weather, this is regarding the specific sort of tire you intend to install. For you to be more informed the next time you tire shopping, we will detail some of the most popular varieties of tires in our Walmart tire installation guide.

Summer tires are the first type of tire that WALMART charges installation fees.

Summer tires are designed to perform at their best in warmer climates, as their name would imply. Its rubber offers better handling and traction in both dry and rainy circumstances. Summer tires are popular because they can maximize the power and agility of your vehicle.

Summer tires also feature less rolling resistance. Better fuel economy and reduced road noise are the results of this. However, summer tires get harder when outside temperatures fall below 45°F (7°C). As a result, in colder or snowier circumstances, they have much less traction.

Tire Types #2: Winter Tires At Walmart, Cost Of Tire Installation

Winter tires can perform better than summer tires in chilly, snowy, or slushy weather. The rubber’s unique composition, which prevents cold-weather hardening, is to blame for this. Your automobile will have superior traction in colder areas because the rubber can maintain its flexibility.

Additionally, it has deeper grooves for improved traction on surfaces covered in snow or mud. But winter tires are far too supple to be used in warm weather. This indicates that using winter tires in warm weather will cause the tire to wear out more quickly. As a result of the increased rolling resistance, fuel consumption will also increase, and there will be more noise on the roads.

All-Season Tires, Walmart Tire Types #3, Tire Installation Cost

All-season tires are a compromise between summer and winter tires to gain the advantages of both rubber types. Your automobile can function optimally in every situation with all-season tires. This is especially true if you reside anywhere where the weather might change quickly.

Alternatively, if you need more resources (either financial or physical) to buy both summer and winter tires, you don’t have to pick between the two, thanks to all-season tires. However, compared to hybrid all-season tires, summer and winter tires offer more significant advantages in their most adverse situations.

The Cost Of Installing Tires At Walmart, By Type Of Tire Runfold Tires

The unique feature of run-flat tires is that they let you continue driving even after a puncture or a total pressure loss. This is because the tire’s surface is covered with thick, reinforced sidewalls. Hence reducing sidewall damage to tires. You can drive over the strengthened tire sidewall even if the tire is entirely flat.

Generally speaking, if a run-flat tire is punctured, you can continue driving, but only for up to 50 miles. As a result, you can continue driving the vehicle until you reach the closest repair shop or service facility safely. This increases safety.

Least Expensive Tire Installation

The cost of having a car’s tires mounted at Walmart has been clear to us thus far. We chose to compare Walmart to some of its rivals to help you learn more about how much it costs to install tires. Here is a comparison of the tire services offered by Walmart and those offered by other big-box stores and tire centers with a greater focus.

According to statistics gathered by Consumer Reports based on the opinions of over 30,000 consumers, which shows the average cost of a tire and installation, this is the case.

Tire Installation Cost Per Tire for Retailers on Average

●       Walmart $102 $15

●       $165 at Costco, $14 at Tire Rack

●       Cheaper Tires $144 $19 Lee Schwab $179 $22

●       167 $17 $21 at America’s Tires

●       Amazon $110 $22

●       “Sam’s Club”$139 $15

●       service by Goodyear Auto$161 $25

Based only on this information, it is clear that Walmart offers the most competitive prices for purchasing and mounting tires. However, these are average buying prices, so that is also something to consider.

In addition to offering discounted tires and services, other retailers may also do so, making them more affordable than Walmart. In order to ensure that you receive the best price when the time comes, be sure to shop around at several retailers.

Remember that Costco’s fuel is already reasonably priced if you consider buying tires there. Just inform yourself about how much petrol costs at Costco periodically.

Cost of installing tires at Walmart: In conclusion…

Finally, the installation guide for Walmart tires has come to an end. You should now understand tires better, including how to choose the right ones for your vehicle and how much it will cost to have them placed.

Furthermore, after reading this tutorial, you are now better informed. Numerous different merchants (like BJ’s, which offers petrol), shops, and professionals provide services for tires.

The buyer must ultimately decide which option is best for you. The best course of action is for you to scan the websites of each retailer.

The tires that are suitable for your needs and your car can be found by browsing the selection and comparing prices. Depending on where you reside, take into account not only the costs but also the convenience for you.

The advantage belongs to Walmart because of its extensive network of auto repair shops. Thanks to the economies of scale, they have also generally outperformed their rivals in pricing and option availability.

As a result, we can draw the gratifying conclusion from our Walmart tire installation guide that Walmart is an excellent one-stop shop for all your tire-related needs. Additionally, you can go grocery shopping while the car’s tires are serviced.

Faqs About The Cost Of Installing Tires At Walmart

Our FAQs here may be helpful if you still have some queries regarding the price of Walmart tire installation.

Does Walmart Engage In Oil Changes?

Many have questioned whether Walmart also performs oil changes after realizing that tires are a common maintenance item. Yes, Walmart’s Auto Care Centers routinely perform oil changes.

Does Walmart Conduct Arrangements?

Walmart’s Auto Care Centers provide wheel alignment services. It’s important to note that only a few Auto Care Centre locations have the equipment and expertise necessary to do alignments. So it’s better to call them and inquire about wheel alignment services your neighborhood Walmart offers.

Hours of the Walmart Auto Centre

You should initially check the opening and closing times of your neighborhood Auto Care Centre if you need to consider how much Walmart tire installation will cost. Most Walmart Auto Care Centers are open from 7 am to 7 pm seven days a week.

What Is The Walmart Oil Change Price?

You’ll have to pay $34.88 at Walmart. You’ll have to pay $44.88 for high-mileage lubricants designed for vehicles over 75,000 miles. A semi-synthetic oil change costs $44.88 and is also available for that price. You might also have a semi-synthetic oil change for $44.88 for that exact cost. Alternatively, spend $54.88 more and upgrade to a complete synthetic oil change.

At Walmart, How Much Does An Alignment Cost?

The cost will change depending on your car and how long it takes to align it. You can pay between $30 and $65 for a front-wheel adjustment and $70 and $80 for a four-wheel alignment.

Does Walmart Sell Brakes?

Unfortunately, they used to provide brake pad replacement services, but they no longer do. Brake-related components, such as brake pads, are still available at their locations for the time being. The at-home brake service from Walmart is even another solace. By doing this, you could order brake parts from their web store and set up an appointment for a qualified mechanic from Wrench mobile mechanic services to install them on your car.

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