WhatsApp now Lets Group Admins Decide who can Join a Chat

WhatsApp Gives Group Join Control.

As stated by Meta in a blog post, WhatsApp version offers additional options for group admins. For instance, when an invitation link is accessible, administrators can decide whether to approve or reject a new member in a group chat. According to the firm, “Groups are where people have some of their most private conversations, so it’s important that admins can easily decide who can and cannot come in.”

Therefore, even if someone has a link to a group, they might need to wait for permission before entering. But there are other updates coming to WhatsApp groups as well.

WhatsApp claims that it is now simpler to discover which groups your contacts and you share. You can conduct a contact search to view a list of all the groups that a person is a part of. Of course, this list only features organizations in which you additionally take part.

You can now quickly search a contact’s name to view the groups you both belong to, Meta explained, whether you’re trying to recall the name of a group you know you both belong to or you just want to check the groups you both are in.

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