AirTag Safety Features Foil Lowa Man’s Repeated Stalking Attempts


According to a report from local news outlet Keloland, Carl Steven Shawver, 63, attempted to stalk the victim three times. He first placed an AirTag on top of the victim’s spare tyre “because he suspected the victim was having an affair.” Apple’s built-in safety precautions alerted the victim to the AirTag, which alerted them to AirTag that was moving with them.

The victim then reported the fact that they were being tracked by an AirTag to the Bettendorf, Iowa police department. Shawver later showed up at the police station after seeing the AirTag location and telling officers he thought the victim was “having an affair at the station.”

At this point in the case, it appears that no arrest has been made. The victim was then informed that a second AirTag was tracking their location. This AirTag was discovered by West Des Moines Police officers “placed in a wallet. And inside a plastic sandwich bag sitting on top of the spare tyre.”

Shawver is being held in Polk County Jail on a $3,000 bond, with a preliminary hearing scheduled for December 19.

This is yet another instance of Apple’s advanced AirTag security features in action. The features, in this case, worked as expected not once, not twice, but three times. In February, Apple announced a suite of new safety features to alleviate AirTag stalking concerns. And we’ve seen the features repeatedly kick in to protect users since then.

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