Twitter Blue Relaunching Today with these Features

Twitter Blue

The addition of a blue checkmark to the profiles of users who subscribe will be the main feature of Twitter Blue. Twitter briefly launched this feature last month, but it was pulled after major issues with impersonation. This time, Twitter says it’s taking a few steps in the hopes of reducing impersonation.

A verified phone number is required for your Twitter account to receive the blue checkmark after subscribing to Twitter Blue. The checkmark will appear once your account “has been reviewed,” but it is unclear what this review process entails. Furthermore, if you change your Twitter handle, display name, or profile photo, you will lose your blue checkmark until your account is reviewed again.

Twitter Blue(TB) subscribers will be distinguished from other brand accounts by a gold checkmark, according to the company. A grey checkmark will be placed next to “government and multilateral accounts.” The new gold checkmark is now available, and the grey checkmark will be available “later this week.”

The subscription will initially provide support for editing tweets as well as “early access” to other “select new features”. Twitter Blue will support longer videos as well as 1080p uploads at some point in the future. Tweets from Twitter Blue accounts will also be “prioritized” in mentions and searches.

Meanwhile, Elon Musk has confirmed that Twitter’s maximum tweet length will be increased to 4,000 characters. If you sign up for TB through the Twitter website, it will cost you $8 per month. If you subscribe via Twitter for iOS, Twitter will charge you $11 per month to cover App Store fees. 

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