Bentley used biofuel for all its cars at Goodwood, no engine mods needed

Bentley used biofuel

Bentley, renowned for its commitment to transitioning to electrified vehicles, has set ambitious targets to electrify its entire lineup by 2026, offering hybrid and battery-electric powertrains. By 2030, the luxury automaker will go exclusively battery-electric (BEV). 

At the recent Goodwood Festival of Speed, Bentley showcased its dedication to sustainable practices by running every vehicle on renewable fuels. The most remarkable aspect is that no modifications were required for any of these classics, preserving their originality.

The biofuel used by Bentley is sourced from 100% renewable materials and meets Europe’s EN228 standard, making it comparable to conventional gasoline. Its utilizes second-gen biofuels derived solely from agricultural, forestry, and food industry waste.

To bolster its commitment to biofuels, Bentley has installed a 320-gallon biofuel tank at its Crewe headquarters, where its design studio, R&D facility, production lines, and cherished Heritage Collection reside. This tank will power the classics and the press fleet, ensuring their continued operation in an eco-friendly manner.

With 84% of all Bentleys ever built still on the roads, Bentley’s exploration of biofuels aligns with the growing trend of electrification research. It’s commitment to sustainable practices at Goodwood reflects a promising future where luxury and environmental consciousness can coexist harmoniously.

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