‘Caset’ Collaborative Playlist App now Features Apple Music Sync

Caset App now Features Apple Music Sync

Collaboration playlists are still not available on Apple Music. However, Caset, an iOS software, allows users to make collaborative “mixtapes” with their friends. Collaborative mixtapes are now much simpler to manage thanks to Caset’s most recent version, which now provides seamless sync with Apple Music.

Caset now instantly recognizes any new music you add to a playlist using the Apple Music app using the new Sync function. These adjustments are immediately synced with the app, which then transmits the new playlist to the other participants in the collaboration.

“Everything takes place invisibly in the background, ensuring that your playlists are constantly current. Additionally, notifications make it easier for you to follow friend updates. In essence, you’ll feel as though playlist cooperation has been enabled directly in Apple Music, according to the creator.

The update also upgrades the app’s unique icons and makes the Caset license available to members of your iCloud Family Sharing. In addition to creating collaborative mixtapes, Caset also assists users in making new playlists by recommending distinctive “moods” and artworks. Considering that the software was developed by the same person who made the Denim app, this additional function comes as no surprise.

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