A cargo ship carrying nearly 3,000 cars catches fire

cargo ship catches fire

On Tuesday, tragedy struck as a large cargo ship named Fremantle Highway caught fire off the Dutch coast, endangering nearly 3,000 vehicles and resulting in the loss of one crew member’s life, while several others sustained injuries. The incident led to a full evacuation of the vessel via boats and helicopters, but the fire continues to rage, posing a significant challenge for emergency workers who are tirelessly attempting to extinguish it.

The cargo ship was carrying an extensive assortment of vehicles, with around 350 of them being Mercedes-Benz products. However, the details about the remaining vehicles remain unconfirmed, except for reports suggesting that 25 of them were electric cars.

As the cause of the fire remains uncertain, conflicting reports have emerged from various sources. While the Dutch Coast Guard’s official live blog states that the cause is still unknown, Reuters reported that a Coast Guard spokesperson revealed the fire may have originated near an electric car, which has added to the confusion.

The coastguard has disclosed that the Fremantle Highway was towed out of shipping lanes and located approximately 17 miles north of Ameland when the fire began, spreading rapidly and forcing seven crew members to jump overboard. Salvage experts are now working on determining the next steps for the burning vessel.

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