How to Change Spotify Username?

While growing up, we all make choices that we are not proud of. But in most cases, those choices fade back into the lost memory zone. You are no longer bothered by it. However, some choices continue to haunt us even today. Just look at your Snapchat username and you will understand what I mean. Unfortunately, that username is here to stay as long as you keep using that Snapchat account. There is no way to change the username. Its cruel considering that most of us made our accounts when we were in one ‘phase’ or another.

However, there are ‘good’ applications as well. They let us change our usernames without much hassle. Consider Spotify for instance. It is an extremely popular application with millions of users. People actually don’t know about the feature where you can change username on Spotify. I have heard this question so many times before, “how to change your username on Spotify”. Even Google is bombarded with searches like these.

Therefore, without any further delay, I am going to guide you about this. Pay close attention.

How to Change Username on Spotify

I am going to be honest here. You cannot change your Spotify username. Therefore, before you ask Google, “how to change your Spotify username”, hear me out!

You cannot change it but you can get rid of it. One way to get rid of the annoying username is to connect your Spotify account with Facebook. This will replace the old username with the name you use on Facebook. Fascinating, isn’t it? But there are people who have huge privacy concerns and are afraid to connect their Spotify account with Facebook. With the amount of privacy scandals coming from the social media giant, I am hardly surprised about this choice.

The second option is to change the display name. Open ‘Spotify’ Settings View Profile Edit Profile Tap Display Name Change the Name Tap ‘Save’.

Your username / display name is now changed. This is one of the easiest ways to change the username on Spotify. The above steps work for Spotify applications for phone & tablets.

Wrap Up

Use the information provided here to save yourself any embarrassment. Trust me, I am glad that at least Spotify has the ‘change the username’ policy. I am hoping Snapchat will introduce it too in the near future. Else, I might actually have to come up with a new account. Meanwhile, here are some interesting facts about Spotify:

  1. Many people think that it is a US company but it is actually Swedish, with its headquarters in Stockholm.
  2. There are more than 50 million tracks available on the platform.
  3. There are well over 3 billion playlists on Spotify.
  4. The number of podcast titles is well over 500 thousand.
  5. Spotify has more than 250 million active customers.
  6. The number of subscribers is 115 million.
  7. The name ‘Spotify’ comes from two words = Spot and Identify.
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