Instagram Ecommerce Integration: Beginners Guide

Instagram Ecommerce Integration Beginners Guide

Gone are the days when social media platforms were used for connecting with people to have a chit-chat only without minding any business. Social commerce is the new black. It is because online selling using social media is the hottest trend in the modern world. 

Having millions of active users every second, Instagram is the biggest game-changer for online retailers and business people. The latest Instagram sales statistics show that 90% of accounts prefer following any business present on this social media platform. It has helped in exploring the spark among International brands to local businesses for success. 

Are you looking for comprehensive Instagram ecommerce tips? The article brings you the best thing – A beginner’s guide to integrate eCommerce with Instagram. Hopefully, it will open your eyes along with opening untapped opportunities. Keep reading!

Instagram shopping is the next big thing in ecommerce

Social media played a critical role in attracting and engaging potential buyers online. However, the evolution of ecommerce has transformed everything from product displays to delivery. Presently, people value brands with an adequate social proof for the quality of products and services. 

Initially, people used to consider social networking platforms for evaluating the authenticity of companies and products or services quality through customers’ reviews. Then, Facebook for business triggered innovation in the traditional use of such platforms for online selling. 

However, Instagram is an immensely visual platform owing to higher user engagement. It is easy to turn the Instagram followers to sales ratio as the platforms are incredibly famous among the young buyers. In this way, business owners can integrate their online stores to Instagram for instant gratification. 

No doubt, Instagram has used the ecommerce for its benefit. The Instagram online shop business plan is incredible that has already attracted the attention of big brands, including Nike, Kylie, Prada, and many others, to transform their online selling using the Instagram-checkout button. It is undoubtedly the biggest game changer!

A guide to Instagram ecommerce platform integration 

Nevertheless, Instagram has deployed an online shopping system to retain users for higher engagement. It’s right that users need not to go anywhere as the whole shopping setup is within the application. 

Although the Instagram buy and sell is available in Canada and the USA, it will expand across the world. So, people are actively looking for ways to integrate Instagram to their ecommerce stores for generating increased sales.  Do you want to tap this social media resource for easy pack-ins, inspiring product listings to grow your business sales? Let’s consider how!

Get an eCommerce website first 

First thing first, you cannot integrate your business with social media platforms without having an online store. It is better to have an online shopping website with all essential features, including business detail, product displays, shopping cart, and selling information. 

For this purpose, you can acquire the services of ecommerce solutions agency Dubai to ensure the designing and developing a website with online selling modules. 

Comply with the commerce policies 

Every business collaboration starts with a memorandum of understanding. Keeping this into consideration, the business owners wish to selling their products and services using Instagram shops must consider compliance with merchant policies and agreements available on Facebook.  

Don’t forget to read the terms and conditions in detail for understanding all corporate, legal, and ethical obligations for selling products on Instagram. 

Manage a business account on Instagram 

Once you have studies the commerce policies, you should focus on managing a business account based on your corporate identity. You can sell physical products and services using the Instagram account initially by connecting it to Facebook Catalog. The feature is easy to manage by integrating the websites developed using Shopify or BigCommerce. 

It may seem a trivial activity, but you need to pay attention to detail while handling the business accounts on social media through integrated websites. Don’t forget to ensure Instagram-focused business to reach your audience comprehensively. 

Apply for Instagram shopping 

Have you done the activities mentioned above? Now, it is time for beginning with Instagram shopping. For this, you need to request the Instagram for turning the feature of integration for you. The decision will be taken based on your Facebook page linking and other detail. 

Once you get permission, you have to go through the essential steps for ecommerce integration with the Instagram business account. So, don’t forget to comply with the policies to achieve the privilege of an Instagram shopping facility. 

Connect with Facebook Catalog 

It is imperative to understand that the Facebook page linking with Instagram with an official link created on the back-end. It means that you can either showcase your brand products and services using the Facebook catalog or integrating the eCommerce website product display pages with the Instagram business account. 

To connect the Facebook page, you need to follow the instructions mention in the insta-account in the sections of the profile setting and shopping menu. For this, you can use Facebook built-in catalog manager.  It will help you get an option to tag the products on Instagram while creating a new post. It will pull the product displays from your Facebook page. 

Integrate Shopify with Instagram 

It is the most aspired way to display products on Instagram through eCommerce integration. Shopify is the official partner of Facebook for online selling.  It’s easy, but you have to be careful not to make any mistakes. 

If you already have an online store configured on Shopify, you need to go on a tab “Sales Channels” on Instagram, then select “Online Store” and go to “Preferences.” Now, you can track your eCommerce website and integrate it with Instagram. 

Done with it? Now click on the plus (+) button and find the Facebook Channels to add the website on the Facebook page. It is essential to integrate your estore website to Instagram and Facebook to get the profiles linked with the Shopify website. 

Integrate BigCommerce with Instagram 

If you are using BigCommerce, set it up with Instagram. It’s pretty easy as you just need to find the “Event Manager” Page on Facebook for BigCommerce. 

Click on “Advanced Settings” on the left-hand sidebar and go to “Web Analytics” Now enable the Facebook Pixel from here to paste the Facebook Pixel ID, and you will see BigCommerce starts handling the process. In case of any difficulty, you may get assistance from ecommerce solutions providers for a quick setup configuration. 

Integrate other eCommerce platforms with Instagram 

Although Instagram only acknowledges BigCommerce and Shopify yet, Facebook has much more to offer you when it comes to Facebook Catalog Integration. You can create product display catalogs using third-party apps for managing the eCommerce stores using social media. 

In this regard, every online shopping website owner needs to link the Facebook Catalog with the Instagram business account for integrating the following platforms:

Start using Instagram for online selling today!

Summing up, eCommerce has become a primary mode of buying and selling in the 21st century. It is owing to the changing trends and advancement of technology that people are looking for ways to reach their targeted audience directly. Instagram comes up with the solution to bring the buyers and sellers at one-point shopping interface for quick deals. It’s a win-win for everyone!

So, mend your ways from now by exploring the untapped resources of social media by integrating eCommerce platforms with Instagram to ensure business success. It may not be easy, but it’s a worthy experience!

Do you want to get it done but lack a technical understanding of online shopping website designing and integration? You can opt for a reliable eCommerce expert to broaden your business horizons online. Contact us for a non-obligation query session!

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