WhiteSmoke vs Ginger, which one is best grammar checker?

ginger vs whitesmoke

WhiteSmoke and Ginger are the two online proofreading and grammar checkers tools that provide their services in order to make your contents look great by getting rid of mistakes. Although, these are both the tools that aims the same purposes, but one can use only one of them at a time. 

So, which of them should a user use while writing for their blogs, thesis or even personal writing?

Well, this article is what the answer of the question, in this article we are going to elaborate the features, uses, packages of each of the tools then its up to you and your requirements as to which of them is going to fulfill your needs. Also you can Click here for  more  grammarly alternatives tools discuss in details. 


WhiteSmoke is one of the online proofreading and grammar checkers tools, which has got worldwide popularity. Whitesmoke performs check on your writing to make it errors free, adds style to your writing and helps you to avoid spelling mistakes etc. 

WhiteSmoke is best for business writing, reports and for any other official documentation. This tool is considered all-in-one solution to all the happening mistakes. 

The top features of the WhiteSmoke are the dictionary, translator and built-in templates, these features make the user confident with writing as there is no worries remaining about mistakes. Furthermore, the use of WhiteSmoke leads to your business success as well. 

Pricing info of WhiteSmoke:

WhiteSmoke, actually does not have a free version but do have free trial for user, its pricing starts at $4.16 per month for a user. Additionally, WhiteSmoke has also got monthly, yearly and even three years packages. 

Supported platforms:

WhiteSmoke is not limited for any specific machine or software but can be run on any popular platform like windows and Mac etc. On top that, there is also an application version for WhiteSmoke which is for android and iOS users. 

WhiteSmoke Features:

WhiteSmoke let you avoid all the mistakes by providing you with the following features.

Available dictionary/ thesaurus 

Punctuation checker

Spell checker

Plagiarism detection etc.


Ginger is another online English proofreading or grammar checker; in other words, we can also consider it as alternative to WhiteSmoke because its main purpose is also the same as that of the WhiteSmoke. 

Ginger is an award-winning company that helps in fast and smooth writing. The key features of the tool are grammar checking, spell checking and punctuation checking etc. 

Beyond these features, the Ginger algorithm aims to automatically detects and corrects the words which are misused and also grammatical mistakes. Ginger is best for all those who somehow deals with writing ranges from a private person to a small business and schools etc. 

Pricing info of Ginger:

Ginger offers a free version of its product, but there is also a paid version with advance features that are missing with the free one. 

The pricing of Ginger starts at $7.49 per month. Furthermore, Ginger offers quarterly, monthly and yearly subscription as per your requirements. 

Supported platforms:

Ginger can be installed and worked using windows as well as Mac, luckily android and iPhone users can also run it on their devices as it has an application available. 

How both the tools differ, and which is the best?

Now as we have explained both the tools in detail, we might now be able to differentiate the two of them. So, lets point out. 

  • WhiteSmoke does not have a free version whereas Ginger offers a free version of its products. 
  • WhiteSmoke has a free trial for users while in case of Ginger it is missing. 
  • Ginger support English as well as Dutch where WhiteSmoke only supports English. 

These are the basic features by which both the tools differ each other, for more comparison between both the software just click here. 


In conclusion to the article, I want to catch your attention to the fact that it is always hard to decide something when there are more same alternatives. The same case is here for which the article is presented. 

Actually, there are many software tools that aim to help the writers in errors-free writing, but confusion arises when the two or more tools performs the same functions.  

Similarly, there are two online tools WhiteSmoke and Ginger both of them are proofreading tools but which one is best and which one should someone use. Well, we have explained each of them. Now its up to you and your needs as which one is best for you. 

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