Why Should You Outsource eCommerce Order Processing Services?


With the booming e-commerce industry, challenges keep coming for the entrepreneurs to manage the ever-increasing back end tasks. An e-commerce entrepreneur has to take care of all the tasks, including shipping of products, arranging the warehouse, and handling the operations. 

It is a blessing for the owner to find an excellent back end team to process the daily back end operations as it eases their workload and provide them with much-needed relaxation from the back end activities. ecommerce back end activities include essential tasks like product uploading services, order processing services, mailing, data mining, and extraction. 

All these tasks need precision, and even a slight error can cost heavily. Therefore, the back end team needs to work with accuracy. Hiring an in-house team for these tasks proves costly to the owners; consequently, it is not a wise idea to employ an in-house team as it increases your involvement in non-core activities. Also, you need substantial investment in infrastructure and HR management for hiring and managing the team. 

The more economical and preferred way is to hire a virtual team through an outsourcing partner. This would enable you to reduce your overheads as outsourcing to countries is relatively cheap. Second, you get access to a large talent pool worldwide to do our back end operations. Because these outsourcing companies already deal with many global clients like you, therefore, they are experienced in handling your work well. 

When you outsource your business back end operations, you get quality time to focus on your core business. Second, you outsource your other headaches, too, like hiring and firing, employee management, infra, and technological costs involved. You can simply outsource the tasks to a team and get the work done at the click of a mouse. You can outsource tasks like product upload and management, order processing Services, data entry, digital marketing, etc. 

What is order processing? 

Once your products are listed, and you start getting orders through various online sources like your own store, Amazon, eBay, sears, etc. The next big task is to process those orders so that the customer gets the order quickly and accurately. There are two situations, and you may be a drop shipper or a retailer. If you are drop shipping, you need to process the orders on the supplier’s site, and this needs to be done quickly as soon as the order comes. 

Once you process the orders, the supplier can deliver the item to the customer, and this way, the product is shipped. The work of the back end team here is to precisely enter the details like the SKU, color, quantity, address, etc. and process the order immediately. In stores like amazon, you can not delay order processing as any delay will result in your disqualification from amazon. 

So the back end can take care of these immediate tasks and process the orders smoothly, saving your quality time and reducing operational costs. If you are a retailer, you may need to ship these items to your warehouse, and you will send it from there. 

In that case, you may need to create a label and make everything ready from the back end so that the person at the go down can print it and put on the product and ship it. You may want the PO created and send them to your suppliers. 

This all may be taken care of by the VA you hire, and that way, you can streamline the process.

How to process multichannel orders?

For processing multichannel orders simultaneously, You need to bring the orders to one place and manage them. The process involves a set of tasks, which means processing the orders on the vendor’s store or raising Purchase order for the vendor. 

All this needs mapping and correctly processing the orders to ensure smooth work. For that, your order processing team should be consistent. The next task is to check the vendor’s store for inventory. In case the product is no available, you might need to search for another vendor, or tell the customer about the non-availability of the item. 

All this needs to be done on time. Else, you may get punished by stores like amazon for delaying the response. Therefore, it is best to hire a dedicated offshore order processing team for your task and manage the orders smoothly to avoid mistakes. 

How to choose your outsourcing partner? 

While choosing to outsource data entry services or order management services, you need to take care of a few things. For one, ensure that agency you work with is ISO certified. This gives authenticity to the outsourcing partner. Second, and the most important thing is that you might like to try a sample with them (free or paid)

This will allow you to understand their capabilities. And also, ensure a dedicated relationship manager communicates with you when needed so that the whole process is streamlined. And once the team is set up, you can focus on core sales, and your business can grow at the click of your phone without any hassle of managing the team and hiring, etc. 

Advantages of Outsourcing Order Processing Services: 

  1. Smooth Operations : 
  1. Work flexibility 
  1. Reduced overheads 
  1. Dedicated team 
  1. Consistent work 
  1. Easy access to resources 
  1. A wide array of a talent pool 
  1. No worry of Infra 
  1. Access to technology 
  1. Boost for business 
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