iOS 16 Notifications: Three Ways to Change the New Design

iOS 16

According to Apple, the new bottom-up design for iOS 16 notifications is intended to reduce clutter on your Lock Screen. This idea is to show more of your wallpaper by moving notifications to the bottom. This is especially true for iOS 16, which introduces a slew of new Lock Screen personalization options like widgets, depth effect wallpapers, live wallpapers, and more.

This means that when you upgrade your iPhone to iOS 16, your notifications will begin to appear at the bottom of your Lock Screen. So you can swipe up to see more notifications and easily delete them, tap on them, and manage notifications per app.

Along with these changes, Apple also added some new notification customization options for iOS 16. If you open the Settings app and select “Notifications,” you’ll see three options. You can alter how the notifications appear by choosing one of these options for the bottom of your Lock Screen.

Count: This replaces notifications on the Lock Screen with a simple piece of text informing you of the number of unread notifications. Swipe up to see a complete list of your notifications.

Stack: This option “stacks” all of the notifications from each individual app. So you have separate notification groups for each app on your Lock Screen and in the Notification Center.

List: The traditional iOS notification system from previous years. You’ll simply see a list of all your notifications. So you can expand it by swiping it up from the Lock Screen’s bottom.

An interesting tidbit from the MacStories review of iOS 16 is available now. And it is that you can enable “Count” at any time by dragging downwards on notifications on your Lock Screen; by doing so, the number of notifications will be minimized.

Unfortunately, you cannot change the location of the notifications. In iOS 16, there is no option to return to the “classic” notification design. This makes sense given the new Lock Screen widgets.

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