5 Must-Have Apps to Boost Happiness

5 Must-Have Apps to Boost Happiness

It’s been a tough few months for most of us. The pandemic outbreak has really changed our routines upside down. From quarantine boredom and WFH burnout, it’s easy to feel down and upset since isolation and fear can make us struggle with our mental health.

Luckily, thanks to the internet. You can utilize some apps to get rid of your fear, boredom, and anxiety at your fingertips. Now it’s easy for you to have a happier life and maintain your positivity even in the wake of the crisis.

So, here are five top mobile apps that can push you a little bit closer towards your quest to happiness:

#1. Happify

Happify is probably one of the most well-known mobile apps for mood-booster and motivation. It provides you with useful features to elevate your happiness, such as games, writing assignments, guided meditation, etc.

All the activities are gamified and organized into “tracks” to focus on completing it each week. What’s more, Happify will give you a quick test to measure your happiness level every couple of weeks. That way, you can track and see your progress on the different happiness skills on your dashboard. 

Not to mention, you can also access Happify Daily (which you can access plenty of content based around happiness and motivation), so you can get inspired and motivated each day.

This mobile app is also available on desktops. Also, prices ranging from a free version to Happify Plus (annual membership) that’ll cost you up to $135.

#2. SuperBetter

When it comes to resilience training, SuperBetter is the app that should be mentioned. 

Just like Happify, this app also uses gamification for its operation. But the difference is that SuperBetter uses gamification to increase users’ drive so they can achieve their goals seamlessly.

Using this app, you can complete “quests” (i.e., physical exercising), accomplish “power-ups” (e.g., drink plenty of water and eat a healthy diet), fight off the “bad guys” (i.e., negative thoughts and bad habits), and more– on a daily basis. 

SuperBetter is free and available on both desktop and mobile devices. There are also no additional in-game purchases or fees which make this app even more compelling.

#3. MoodKit

As the name suggests, MoodKit focuses on tracking your mood and then assessing it through journaling. Since the app relies on cognitive-behavioral therapy principles and techniques, installing it on your device is just like having a personal cognitive-behavioral psychologist.

With this app, you can record your daily mood so you can track them for evaluation. It also allows you to take some notes of your observation to help you understand when, where, and how such moods are experienced and expressed.

MoodKit also provides you with daily activities, suggestions, and tips to help you improve your healthy attitudes and increase life satisfaction. 

This app is available now for $4.99.

#4. Yolife

Put it simply, Yolife can act as your personal coach to live a long, fulfilling life. So, right after you download and sign up the app for the first time, the app will ask you about your habits, exercise, life, social life, etc.

This consultation can show you which areas you have the best potential to improve. This app then helps you with that by giving you a more personalized program of activities. Those programs include good sleeping habits, finding the purpose of life, a healthy diet and disease prevention, and more.

Those science-backed suggestions on practical life changes can lead to more positive habits, so you can live longer in good health. 

Another good news is that you can use this app on mobile devices (both iOS and Android) for free.

#5. Daylio

If you’re looking for a fun way to do journaling without writing a single word, you will love Daylio. This app allows you to create a journal based on your mood and behavioral patterns.

It tracks and records your mood and habits daily and activities. From all your responses or check-ins, the app makes it a chart to gauge your mood swings and monotony of routines.

You can access the charts to understand your average daily, weekly, even monthly moods. What’s more, Daylio also spoils you with the “Calendar” option to give you a full monthly record of your moods.

Don’t be afraid to forget to check in daily since the app provides you with reminders that allow you to set the time for it.

To avail unlimited moods, ad-free experience, and other advanced features, you can upgrade to Daylio Premium that will cost you around $4.99.

Wrapping Up: Your Happiness Is Around the Corner

Happiness should be your given priority throughout your day. But, at one point in our lives, we sometimes find it challenging to maintain our positivity and mood.

Especially with all the negative news about the pandemic still taking a toll on our well-being, it’s easy to get caught up in the existential angst of it all. 

Luckily, those such happiness and meditation mobile apps can take the heavyweight off your shoulders. That’s why it’s handy when you’re looking for an easy, cost-saving way to overcome stress. It makes you feel understood and find a peace that can lead to a happier life.

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