Philips Brings Hue Sync to Samsung TVs for the First Time

Hue Sync

A lot of people prefer Philips Hue smart lamps because they come in a variety of models and allow for a lot of customization. At CES 2023, Philips revealed some significant updates for its Hue products. And it’s including the debut of Hue Sync on Samsung TVs and new floodlight bulbs.

For those who don’t know, Philips Hue Sync is an application that enables users to coordinate the hues. And effects of their screen content with Hue bulbs. Currently, Philips TVs come with the Hue Play HDMI Sync Box as a built-in feature that allows users to synchronize images from virtually any HDMI device with their smart bulbs.

Now, the built-in Philips Hue Sync experience will be accessible for the first time on a third-party TV thanks to a partnership between Philips and Samsung. Owners of Samsung TVs will be able to take advantage of a “seamless and immersive light syncing experience”. While they will enjoy games, movies, and television shows.

According to Philips, Hue Sync on Samsung TVs supports HDR10+ content at any resolution. And even integrates with native TV apps like Netflix and Disney+. Users of the Hue Sync app can control the degree of syncing, and change the brightness of the lights. Additionally, they can choose between video and game modes, enable auto-start, and more.

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