iOS 16 Breaks DRM Content Playback When Using HDMI Adapters

DRM Content Playback

After the iOS 16 update, many users discovered that AirPlay on older Apple TV models no longer functions with DRM-restricted content. Reports claim that HDMI adapters can no longer be used to play such content.

According to posts on the Apple Discussion Forums, users of the iPhone and iPad can no longer watch streaming video on a TV with an HDMI adapter from services like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and HBO Max. Although users claim that the adapter can still mirror the device’s screen, when they try to play any DRM-restricted video, the screen turns black.

Earlier today, a Reddit user reported that Netflix support had informed him that using an HDMI adapter to watch the platform’s films and television shows on a device running iOS 16 is no longer possible and that this situation is not going to change.

However, as was previously stated, this issue appears to be common to Netflix. In fact, it might be connected to the reason why older Apple TV models stopped supporting AirPlay of DRM-restricted content. Users discovered that they could no longer use AirPlay to stream content from Netflix and other streaming apps to an Apple TV running an older version of iOS as soon as iOS 16 was made available to the general public.

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