Ivory App Now Lets Users Create a New Mastodon Account

Ivory App Adds Mastodon Signup

With version 1.3, new users may now sign up for a Mastodon account straight from the app. This greatly simplifies the procedure, especially considering how hard Mastodon can seem to those who are new to the concept of a decentralized social network.

Ivory will now prompt users to establish a Mastodon account if they don’t already have one when they use the app for the first time. The developers claim that more enhancements have been made to the onboarding procedure to make it more user-friendly.

Ivory 1.3 also has the option to enable users to delete an account from an instance when removing it from Ivory in addition to these improvements. This update also includes a number of bug fixes, so the app should operate more steadily.

Once Twitter stated that developers would no longer be able to build third-party clients for the social network using its official API, Tweetbot was shut down, leading to the creation of Ivory. Ivory, which has retained all of Tweetbot’s core features, will feel quite familiar to those who were already using it. The app now offers Tweetbot members the option to switch their remaining subscriptions to Ivory.

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