Microsoft Working on Skype for Apple Silicon Macs

Microsoft Working on Skype

According to Petri, Microsoft has begun testing a new version of the Skype for macOS app that includes native support for Apple Silicon. According to a blog post, the update makes the app up to three times faster on Macs powered by the M1 and M2 chips.

In a statement, the business said, “Say goodbye to sluggish and poor conversation experiences. And hello to lightning-fast speed with crystal-clear audio and visual clarity.” Microsoft claims that the new app provides “faster and more reliable call connections” for Apple Silicon Mac users. The company released a video demonstrating how the time it takes to load chats on M1 Macs has been reduced from 200ms to 70ms.

Apps that run natively on Apple Silicon can fully utilize the M1 and M2 chip families. This implies that the program will consume less power, giving MacBook users greater battery life.

The Skype for the Mac app was completely redesigned in 2021. With new features such as built-in translation that work in real-time during calls. Skype Insider, which includes support for Apple Silicon Macs, can be downloaded from the app’s website. It is unknown when the update will be made available to all users.

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