Types Of Data Centers And Their Different Tasks

Types Of Data Centers And Their Different Tasks

Data is the most crucial element today. Experts collect several data, analyse them and then come up with different results based on which important decisions by made. Every enterprise has its own team to collect and analyse data. So, where do they keep the data so that it can be safe? This is where the data center comes into existence. Not just data, enterprises also keep important applications in the data center. 

Now over time, the modern-day data centers have come up that are, of course, the upgraded versions of the traditional ones. 

What are Modern Data Centers?

One of the major differences between the traditional and modern-day data centers is their form. The traditional ones were a web of wires and physical servers. The modern-day centers are virtual and are also connected to many other data centers. 

The uses and benefits of the data centers in India and many other countries of the world are many. Apart from file sharing, some other important activities in which the centers take part are CRM, productivity applications, ERP, Big Data, collaboration services, and many others. 

Types of Data Centers

There are different classifications in data centers depending upon the tasks that they perform. Here are the different data centers that one should know about. 

Enterprise Data Centers:

This is the very first type and the most common type of data center that one can come across. Mostly, enterprises are only in need of a data center to keep their data and application safe. Though there are many options for data centers in Delhi and other places to hire now, there are many companies that still prefer to have their own data center. There was a time when enterprises used to spend several thousand dollars on creating their physical data centers. But now with the introduction of virtual data centers available, a lot of reduction is noticed in investment as well as space. 

Managed Services Data Centers:

While big companies prefer to have their own data centers, many other companies act smart and hire the managed services data centers. In this way, these companies do not have to think about having a data center of their own and can outsource it from various service providers. A few years ago, IBM, HP, and others were some of the prominent names that were in this business of data centers outsourcing for housing data of different companies. 

But over time, now there are many more such data centers in India and many other countries that happen to offer the service of providing space for data for the companies. When the service providers of the data centers are there to take care of the data, these enterprises are free to focus on other important aspects of their business. 

Colocation Data Centers:

This is a recent option that has evolved depending upon the requirements of the clients. There are some clients from important sectors such as Finance, Healthcare, and others who do not wish to outsource data centers completely to someone for security purposes but also do not have much resources or time in hand to have their own data centers. Colocation data centers came up to be one of the best options for them. 

So, what happens in a colocation data center?

The service providers lease out a particular rack or portion to the companies where a team from the company can work upon. In this way, the companies do not have to create their own data center and they can operate the data center on their own too.

Apart from the leasing out procedure, the service providers offer several other benefits such as the facilities of cross-connects and others as an add on, but on an ala carte basis. 

Wholesale Data Centers:

As time passed by, the use of a single rack was not enough as the amount of data started increasing. For platforms such as Facebook, of course, a single rack or two will never be enough. But again if there is no such time in hand to create a data center, the only option remains to outsource data centers. 

To tackle this situation, the option of wholesale data centers came up. In this type, the service providers do not lease out the service based on the number of racks. But they lease out the service depending upon the power that the company is using. Here also, a team from the company controls the entire area that is leased out to them to maintain the data and applications of the company.

This type of data center is not just one of the most trending options but is also one of the most affordable ones when compared to the above three options. 

Cloud Data Centers:

Today most of the tasks that are done are on the cloud. Cloud data centers save space and also offers convenience in housing the data. Today, there are so many eminent names such as Microsoft, Amazon, and IBM that are offering cloud data centers to many of the enterprises. Let us talk about the most common example of Netflix. Do you know where they house their data? They house their data at Amazon Web Services. 

Today, there are also many other such service providers coming up that offer cloud data centers for their clients. The cloud services are not just convenient in terms of space and working, but also it is one of the most inexpensive options today. 

So, there are different data centers available with different features and different working options. You need to have an in-depth understanding of how each of the data centers works and which one will you require for our purpose. Some of the important factors that you need to keep in mind while selecting the right data center are the purpose, the space that you require, and the cost that you can incur. 

If you still face any difficulty in understanding which one will be the best option for you, our expert team can always help you out in selecting the most appropriate data centers in Delhi

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