Proven Ways to Quickly Fix Kodi No Stream Available Error

Today, we will be discussing another common issue with Kodi add-ons. You might have searched for a particular content, for instance ‘Game of Thrones’. Instead of showing different streams, the add-on says, ‘No Stream Available’. It means that there are no contents available matching your search query.

But how can this be, considering the fact that the ‘Game of Thrones’ is a highly popular TV show and not even old. You quickly realize that this a problem. But the real question is how you can resolve this issue? This error is common even among reputable add-ons like Redux and Tempest.

How to resolve this issue? Just follow the below methods.

Method # 1 Use Real Debrid to Get Fix Kodi No Stream Available Issue

Here are quick steps which you can follow to configure Real Debrid within Exodus Redux addon

Step 1: Click tools on the home screen of the Kodi Exodus Redux Add-on

Step 2: Click Resolve URL Settings

Step 3: Click on the universal resolvers on the left bar of the screen, then click Real Debrid section

Step 4: Click Re (Authorize) My account

Step 5: Authorization code will appear on the screen

Step 6: Search this website

Step 7: After visiting on the above-mentioned website, enter the code that appeared on your Kodi screen and click continue

Step 8: The authorization process is complete now. You will find premium Debrid links with Exodus Redux add-on.

Try searching for the content you wanted to watch earlier. If there are different streams available, it means that the issue is now resolved. If not, you can try out the remaining methods. They will surely resolve the issue.

Method # 2 Uninstall & Uninstall the Add-on

Another way to resolve the No Stream Available issue is by uninstalling and then re-installing the add-on. At times, the add-on may have become corrupted due to numerous reasons. Instead of playing around with the settings, the best option is to uninstall the add-on. Once the uninstall is complete, re-install the add-on. Try searching for the content. 10 times out of 10, this would have resolved the issue. But if you feel that is an extreme step, you can try out the 3rd method.

Method # 3 Enable Providers

Let us assume that you are using the Exodus Redux add-on. Follow the below steps to enable providers and fix the No Stream Available issue.

Open the Add-on, Select Tools then Tap on ‘SETTINGS: Providers. Now Tap on Providers on the left side of the screen. Select ‘Open Scraper Settings’, go to General and Enable All Providers.

Go back to the main menu and search for the content again. Congratulations, because the issue is now fixed!

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that the ‘No Stream Available’ issue is quite frustrating especially when you had planned a nice movie to relax over the weekend or after work. But do not ruin your mood. This issue can be quickly resolved by following the steps mentioned in the 3 methods. Lastly, at times, the Internet Service Provider might have blocked these streams. You can use a VPN to bypass this issue.