Get Spotify Wrapped 2022 Plus a New Personality Test


You can now access Spotify ‘s well-liked Wrapped feature, which compiles all of your most-listened-to songs, artists, genres, and more. A “Listening Personality” test is also available this year to determine what your musical preferences say about you.

Wrapped 2022 was introduced by Spotify in a blog post that read:

 “2022 Wrapped is a celebration of the year that has passed and an invitation to join in the fun. It’s all about the reciprocal connections that connect millions of audio creators and listeners each day. Since no two listeners are the same, 2022 Wrapped invites you to discover your unique audio kaleidoscope and display it to the world. Get a behind-the-scenes look at everything #SpotifyWrapped, including our annual top lists and the musical genres and personality types that shape your experience.”

Spotify’s Listening Personality test is brand-new this year. It’s a Myers-Briggs type test, but for music. This is how Spotify describes it: “Your Listening Personality is a new feature that adds a whole new level of personalization and insight to the entire Wrapped experience. It not only tells you about the music you listen to but what that says about your taste in music.

Who doesn’t enjoy personality tests? If so, you’ll enjoy exploring the 16 different listening personality types we developed for 2022 Wrapped.

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